Gu Ailing bully screen, Zhu Yi tears are questioned, why can’t give them the same applause?

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Bully screen can how fierce!Gu Provides the answer.Two hours after winning the title, Gu occupied 7 of the top 8 spots on Weibo, and 20 of the top 50.At 23:00 PM, the top trending charts were still in fourth, sixth and tenth place;Baidu’s hot search ranked second and sixth.Gu was the weakest of the three freestyle skiing events in the big jump, but she managed to make a comeback. When she lost the gold medal, Gu gave her son, the French favorite, a tearful hug to comfort her opponent.In the final of the freestyle ski big jump at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 8 (Beijing time), Gu Ailing was already on the podium before her third jump, so she took the risk to complete the 1620 difficult jump and finally got a perfect score of 94.5 to win the gold medal.Most of our reports are about the current top performer, who renounces his American citizenship, is a patriot, a champion, and an excellent student.I think it is better to report from the Angle of gu Ailing’s more identification.After all, gu Ailing, who is 18 years old, received an American education and pays more attention to the realization of her own value.”I’ve always said since I was a kid that I’m proud of my Chinese heritage and my upbringing in America,” she said.She personally hopes to build a bridge of communication and friendship.As she said, “I hope to promote exchanges, understanding and friendship between Chinese and American people through the pursuit of extreme sports.To promote freestyle skiing and encourage youth, especially girls, to love sports!”Some netizens found that Gu’s father had changed his profile picture on his social media account into a picture of him and Gu when they were young.Before the Winter Olympics began, Fox News host Will Cain repeatedly viciously attacked Gu, calling her “ungrateful.””Gu was ungrateful and betrayed the Country that not only raised her, but turned her into a world-class skier, and only the United States could provide the training and facilities,” Will Kane said.Shame on her for turning her back on America to make money.”Will Caine: “I think Gu had to sacrifice her American passport. I hope you deserve all the fame and fortune you get for betraying America.”It’s hilarious. Does it make Chinese people happy? That’s what makes China strong.As a girl who grew up in a single-parent family and was less influenced by her American father, Gu Always went back to China for her summer vacation every year. Her affection for China was accumulated bit by bit from her childhood, and it was only natural for her to become a Chinese citizen.Healthy, active, enthusiastic and loving, her mother, a typical Beijing mother, raised her children in a Western way, letting them choose.Gu yan said the decision to change nationality was her child’s own, and that is what she is most proud of.Gossip stops with wise men.Tolerance compared to Gu Ailing’s success, another return to the competition under the psychological importance of Zhu Yi, performance disorder, repeated mistakes.At the end of the women’s singles free skating program, Zhu Yi could hardly control herself and sobbed on the ice.As for the reason for his tears, Zhu yi said: “I was really moved and excited today.I started to want to cry during the show, and by the end OF the show, I couldn’t hold it back and started crying.”The media platform was questioned, and good people said: Why bother to bring back such an average player?Fortunately, zhu Yi was warmed by the applause and hugs from the audience and teammates.”Zhu Yi, who gave up the US to compete for China after his fall at the Winter Olympics, is being attacked by Chinese social media users,” wrote Insider.Gu, in the comment section of the Instagram post, replied: “As a real user of Chinese social media, I would like to say here that more than 90% of the comments are positive and uplifting.It’s part of the sport and everyone understands that.”Most people may not understand the reason, but for a veteran Internet user who often walks in the network, it is clear that the forest is big what birds have, especially when their American money owners press the “traffic code”, those bad media for profit immediately respond, they are on this to make money.In fact, it was Chen Lu, a former Chinese figure skating star, who invited Zhu Yi to join the “Morning Dew Project”. In 2018, at the age of 16, Zhu Yi won the women’s singles title in the rookie group of the US Figure skating Championships, 35 points higher than the second place.In the same year, The Chinese figure skating team hired Chen Lu, a famous figure skating star, as its head coach, and started the “Morning Road Plan” to train ice dancing and women’s singles in preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics.In 2019, Zhu Yi began to officially represent China in figure skating events.In November 2020, Zhu Yi’s father, Zhu Songchun, a scientist, also returned to serve as the dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence at Peking University and lead Peking University and Tsinghua University to jointly open a general artificial intelligence experimental class.The return of Zhu Songchun, more surprise!Therefore, Gu Ailing, who fought for the honor of China, should give him applause, and Zhu Yi should use applause to relieve her pressure and encourage her to play her best.