Official reply!Xinghua has added another expressway

2022-06-15 0 By

On January 26, the provincial development and reform Commission approved the preliminary design of the Highway from Nanjing to Yancheng.The Nanjing-Yancheng Expressway is an important part of “The Three” in jiangsu Province Expressway Network Planning (2017-2035).The construction of this project is of great significance to improve the regional expressway network, improve the traffic conditions in the middle of Suzhou and Lixiahe area, guide the industrial transformation and upgrading along the route, promote the development of new urbanization, and enhance the rank of Nanjing first.XinHuang project route from nanjing liuhe area, pick up has been built around the highway, nanjing to yangzhou yizheng city east longitude Chen set, instrument, gaoyou bridge, the car logic, the sanduo, continue in taizhou xinghua city south by east, in xinghua should realize crib, connect to the expansion of the salt jing expressway and proposed large highway, the 126.589 km route.According to the standard construction of two-way six-lane expressway, the design speed is 120 km/h, the integral roadbed width is 34.5 meters (the railway section connecting huaiyang Town under the separated roadbed, roadbed width is 2×17.0 meters), and the approved preliminary design estimate is 30.154 billion yuan.