The kindergarten of Renshou County of Meishan carries out the activity of “winter vacation charging” for teachers

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Created in February 14 In order to further improve dominated teachers’ professional quality, promote the development of the kindergarten education quality of high quality, according to the renshou three years of education and sports bureau cadres teacher professional ability to ascend action plan (2021-2023) “requirements, such as meishan city renshou kindergarten in the fall 2021 semester teacher” charge “winter vacation.For the implementation of the related important indicator spirit, improve the level of kindergarten teachers’ political theory, build “quality, strong political theory and the” strong learning atmosphere, the teachers every day to complete the “powers” learning platform, learning education management, ethics, the teacher in charge management and typical mental health education, etc., to learn every day for 30 points above.At the same time, in order to further implement the renshou about implementation of primary and secondary school teachers’ information technology application ability promotion project 2.0 file spirit, improving kindergarten teachers’ information literacy, the depth of the implementation technology and teaching, the teachers during the holiday season actively participate in the study, complete general phases and three micro power points of learning tasks, reflection and summary of classroom teaching activities,Master information technology proficiently and prepare for better application of information technology in practical teaching.Kindergarten teachers use the holiday time, carefully study “3-6 years old Children learning and Development Guide” “Kindergarten education Guidance just Want”, according to the “Complete children” curriculum requirements and standards, combined with personal reality seriously study, for the next semester teaching activities to prepare for the design.In addition, in order to shorten the distance between teachers, parents and children, promote the effective connection between kindergarten education and family education, and ensure the smooth and orderly development of education, the kindergarten also organizes teachers to visit the families of left-behind children and poor children on the spot.During the home visit, the teachers of each class understood the basic situation of children, gave feedback to parents about children’s performance in the kindergarten, exchanged educational concepts and methods with parents, discussed educational measures to promote children’s development, and parents and teachers had a good conversation.”In the winter vacation, teachers are still busy, in order to become a better themselves, in order to let every child feel quality, temperature of education.”Kindergarten related person in charge said, renshou county kindergarten all teachers will continue to learn and self-improvement, energy storage forward, and then “charge”, and start again.(Luo Juan) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: