The table is full of money, Simba and his disciples found gold for the hometown father!Dog teacher send friend circle to urge debt

2022-06-15 0 By

After rising to fame on the Internet, Simba and his team returned to his hometown in Tonghe, northeast China, every year to visit poor elderly people and distribute New Year’s gifts and benefits.This year is no exception, simba with eggs, big beautiful, Zhao Mengche and cat sister for the old people in the hometown New Year’s goods, to an old man’s pension, the old man grateful said: first in the country, thank you old xin.Simba said: No, I will stick to it.Simba recently back to the countryside to the old pension, butyl a teasing bugs this live help old also don’t see you, but like to watch live emotion, the money finally have to brush to emotion anchors, you have to tell them don’t give emotional anchor brush ah, emotion anchors are false, simba family is the true to, pick out fault,Before some net red in order to brainwash the mountains to send eggs to the villagers, the front foot shot video on the hot back foot to go back, to the old man are crying, hair is props, brother is not wrong.Now this year, owe money into the uncle, but become the grandson of the account, really let a person speechless, the end of the year will be to the network red dog teacher friend circle urge debt, the Chinese New Year owe me money to point bai, pray oral, do not owe the network red money need not return?