Year after year, year after year!You’re not treyan. Get real

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The Collins and Eagles drama is finally bringing to a close, how shall WE say?The conflict between them is like the annual regular season drama, although late, but never absent.Collins complained about his lack of possession, lack of respect and his relationship with Trey Young at one point last season, and it would have been a miracle if the Hawks hadn’t made it to the Eastern Conference finals last season.With trey Young back on the all-star starting team and Collins’ dissatisfaction only getting worse after a disappointing season that saw the Hawks finish 11th in the Eastern Conference.This time, the front office didn’t like Collins, just put him on the shelf, and the team’s offer was simple — a first-round pick and a starter — and, frankly, with Collins’s ability, it was more than enough.How can I put it?In fact, we should also understand Collins, after all, career average 16.6 points 8.4 rebounds, and a good three-point shooting percentage, scoring efficiency is surprisingly high, such a player in any team would be a steal, why the Hawks reluctantly give up?Obviously, the existence of Collins has affected the hawks’ internal unity, every game, the team is playing with a disharmony, the team’s good record is strange, although Collins is in good condition, but under the balance of interests, the Hawks chose Trey Young.After all, Trey young’s explosive scoring and ability to lead the team is not what Collins has. Trey young is on the court and the Hawks are scoring 11.6 points per 100 possessions more than Collins is scoring 3.9 points.Next, the key, the individual capabilities of Collins isn’t too strong, although his efficiency is good, but his scoring key basically is in the basket area, the point, he is a little bit stronger eat the bread of post player, spell rebounds than but card peralta, play the lead than ray young, but this can’t let him in on a position, is very awkward.He can play the four and five, but he doesn’t help at the four, and he doesn’t frame at the five. Opponents shoot 59.6% from less than six feet from the three-point line.Collins has allowed opponents to shoot 4.3 percent more from 3-point range, and that’s clearly where he’s embarrassed.Although Trey Young’s defense is also no good, but it must be admitted that his offense is far more than Collins.To tell the truth, the hawks team configuration is not too bad, league offensive efficiency to 113.3 second, but their defense league efficiency 112.8 only 27, they were a weak attack strong defence team, now the hawks took the Collins to enhance the team’s defensive right, of course, can’t take ray young go when trading chips.As Collins, his only 24 years old, has just signed a contract with lazio a five-year $125 million of the big contract, of course, hope can have talent, obviously, the hawks will not give him the chance, if go to a good team that is harder to estimate even when two take charge of all difficult, if want to be the leader of the team. Collins, in fact there is only one choice,That is to go to a weaker team, but can he really be a leader?This point is really debatable, after all, no independent offensive ability of the player at any time will not stand firm, year after year to go down, in fact, the embarrassment is only their own.Well, today’s topic is here, the above views are xiaofeng’s personal views, please forgive me for the deficiency.