Blindly high price, high close let a person do not understand

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After 30 years of ups and downs, ding Lei will soon enter the “60 and ear smooth”, can lead gao He automobile to the peak?That’s the question on Mr. Cylinder’s mind after the recent unveiling of the HiPhi Z GT.Unlike the founders of other new power car companies, Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe Automobile, was born in 1963.Looking at all the founders of new power car companies, almost all of them were born in the 75’s or 80’s — Li Bin (born in 1974), He Xiaopeng (born in 1977) and Li Xiang (born in 1981).However, relying on powerful resume, hardly any of the new power car companies or new car companies dare to despise the founder ding, after all, for such a has 30 years experience in the automotive industry’s “predecessors” (former vice President of Shanghai automotive industry corporation, Shanghai general motors co., LTD., general manager and party secretary of Shanghai zhangjiang (group) co., LTD., general manager,Deputy governor of Pudong New Area in Shanghai), deserves anyone’s respect.”Science and technology”, “luxury” depends on “pile material”?Two years ago, on the eve of the launch of HiPhi X, Gahe declared war on Tesla with the giant billboard in New York’s Times Square, “Hi Tesla!You said it's good for the world if someone made a better EV.That's why we'Re here.”It is the first time in the entire auto industry, or any new power car company, has dared to declare war on Tesla in such a manner.Just a few days later, with the launch of HiPhi X, with a price range of 570,000 to 800,000 yuan, Gaohe attracted the attention of the whole industry again. We began to re-examine the brand and products, and began to discuss the question of “what is the power of Chinese cars to sell at this price”.There is no denying that HiPhi X is of great significance to the overall new energy vehicle market.With the new energy vehicle market in China being held back by byd, NIO, SAIC-GMS Wuling and other leading car companies, the market as a whole has become increasingly divided, either stopped at the height of “Nio Xiaoli”, or dragged into the “muddy” low-end route by Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.In this context, the emergence of HiPhi X undoubtedly lays a foundation for independent brands to break the rule of “foreign powers” in the high-end market.At such a high price for HiPhi X, we are more interested in the performance of the product.In terms of product design alone, the shape of HiPhi X is really unique. As an official “evolutionable supercar SUV”, it is equipped with NT wing doors and exaggerated seven-door design, all of which attract the attention of car fans.By the time of the second HiPhi Z, the whole vehicle design not only kept the “scientific feeling”, but also added the appearance design of the Mecha Storm.Whether it is the mecha style or the seven-door design, the products designed by Chinese Express always give people a feeling of brilliance.However, in the cylinder elder brother looks, these flashy designs appear some “pale” in the price range of 57-80 million yuan, and even give a person a kind of “science and technology for science and technology” feeling, to “science and technology”, “luxury” understanding is not deep enough.Of course, this may also be why BMW, Audi and other luxury brands can always thrive in the car market, because after a hundred years of sedimentation, these brands have reached the understanding of “luxury” to the point that many new power car companies can not reach.If the design of HiPhi X has some “original” elements in it, then in terms of configuration, it can almost be summarized as “pile material”.According to the official information released by Chinese Express, HiPhi X is not only standard equipped with high-strength steel and aluminum body, intelligent air suspension, four-piston brake calipers, efficient energy feedback and energy saving system, 5G+V2X communication network, but also adopts the double redundancy design of five core components of the whole vehicle consisting of sensory redundancy and brake redundancy.From the point of view of product configuration alone, HiPhi X is full of sincerity even if it is “piled up”.In fact, according to relevant data, the front and rear motors of HiPhi X are all provided by Bosch, the battery is three-yuan lithium battery of Ningde era, the audio part is the sound system of domestic brand, and the chassis part is finished product configuration provided by other suppliers.Through the patchwork of assembled hardware configurations, everyone had to start questioning the “technology” and “luxury” labels of HiPhi X and the original technical strength of the brand owner.We can find that under the seemingly gorgeous appearance of HiPhi X, the only thing that can stick its own label is the FF91 “body” left by Boss Jia.Borrow ride association secretary general Cui Dongshu’s a summary, and electric car young gold collar high-end demand is not quite in line with.Is Ding Lei really “stepping on the dot”?For any new power car enterprise, time means money, only with a shorter time to occupy more market share, can get the hope of survival.By contrast, if you spend too much time trying to capture a niche market, ultimately this strategy will only make you more passive.It has to be said that HI-Ho is an absolute miracle in today’s fast-paced car market. It took four years to slowly start delivering its first car, and its high price successfully kept mass consumers away.Therefore, although the sales growth rate of Gaohe Automobile has increased rapidly since its launch and delivery, the sluggish sales have followed its development closely.According to the official sales volume, the cumulative sales volume of Gaohe vehicles in 2021 was 4,237, among which the cumulative sales volume from July to December was 3,724, ranking the first in the sales volume of “over 500,000 luxury brand electric vehicles” in the second half of 2021.Undeniably, perhaps in today’s car market, there is indeed a group of high consumers who regard Ferrari, Aston Martin and other supercars as “vegetable cars” and Hermes and Richard Miller as daily necessities.In their eyes, the HiPhi X is really just a toy car.However, similar consumer groups occupy the overall proportion of how much?Combined with the sales performance of more than 500,000 luxury brand electric vehicles in January 2022, HiPhi X occupies the top spot for the first time with 550 units, Mercedes-benz EQC ranks the second with 459 units, and Hongqi EHS-9 remains the third with 383 units.The three models surpassed BMW iX (106 units) and Mercedes-benz EQS (75 units).The sales list also confirms that high-end pure electric vehicles priced above 500,000 yuan will be a false proposition in the market with small terminal demand.In this context, Gaohe Automobile chooses this niche segment as a starting point for new promotion, which is destined to make It difficult for Gaohe HiPhi X to sell well. The problem of capital loss caused by low sales will always haunt Gaohe Automobile.However, Ding lei is not concerned about the financial problem.Ding Lei once said in public: “Chinese Express has original capital from the United States and government investment, so there is no plan to start social private equity for the time being, nor will there be multiple rounds of A, B, C or D investment.”Backed by the Yancheng government and local leading enterprises, China Express will not be in crisis in the short term.Of course, we can’t rule out the fact that Chinese Express has already done several rounds of fundraising in secret. After all, under the influence of ding Lei and other senior executives, Chinese Express is self-evident.As for why Cheng Ge thinks That Chinese Express will have financial pressure, it is mainly based on the growth stage of NIO.At the beginning, WITH the support of Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong and other people and many investment institutions, NIO was still difficult to hold high. How could Chinese Express be immune?This is a big game, you know?Under the background of the debut of HiPhi Z GT, we can see that Gaohe is still continuously enhancing the brand’s play attribute, which also means that Gaohe will continue to compete in the high-end market with “double flagship” products.It should be noted that this indirectly indicates that GAOhe Automobile will need a large amount of financial support for a long period of time to maintain brand operation and product research and development and promotion.For example, As mentioned above, The HiPhi X is equipped with 562 data opening sensors. These sensors will be embedded in the product as hardware, and the utilization rate is not high at present.Although Gaohe always holds the banner of keeping the imagination for users, it is difficult to cover up that the product still has a large room for upgrading and is not perfect.This also confirmed the cylinder brother mentioned in the above “high car lack of original ability”.Therefore, from the perspective of product research and development, MORE research and development funds and energy should be invested in HIGH-Harmony automobile.However, assuming that heVS can greatly improve the utilization of sensors, it may be able to accelerate its “three smart strategy” — smart cars, smart transportation and smart cities, thus attracting the attention of consumers in the market.Can the premium car market survive?Brother Cylinder thinks it’s hard.According to the global sales data of Tesla in 2021, from the perspective of product structure, Tesla Model 3 occupies the largest proportion, with a global cumulative sales volume of nearly 510,000, accounting for 54% of tesla’s total sales volume.Model Y sales were 400,000, or 43%;That leaves the Tesla Model X and Model S, which together account for about 3% of Tesla’s total global sales.Tesla’s sales figures are a direct indication that sticking to the high-end route is not a long-term solution.In the absence of sales, it doesn’t matter how well the story is told.In this context, Cylinder believes that the “dual flagship” strategy may only be a temporary plan for GAOhe Automobile.When the “high-end” label takes hold in the market, lower-end products may follow.If the conjecture of elder brother of cylinder is correct, so we can see Ding Lei as an “old car person” the place of high intelligence – calm.Compared with NIO, The two high-end products (HiPhi Z and HiPhi X) as brand support are far more advantageous than one high-end product support (NIO ES8), and can even achieve the effect of “1+1 > 2”.In conclusion, all the above are advantages that HHC can have under ideal development conditions. However, for a new force automobile enterprise, it is not the best choice to fight a “protracted war” in the absence of ammunition (capital).Of course, we are still looking forward to what height Ding Lei can lead Chinese Express to. Just as Ding lei said, “As a person who witnessed the development of China’s automobile industry and used to be a trader of a large automobile company, I always have a sense of mission in my heart”.