Capsule suspension interior 3 doors 4 seats + 305KM

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Nowadays, cars priced at around 100,000 yuan have also become very distinctive in design. We can see models with retro style in design, cars with design like sports cars, and cars with design like tanks.So, did you find a car in this price range that looks like a science fiction space capsule?Today I want to go to 4 s shop with you to look at cars, is such a model, its design in the entire car market is very special, and its name is called baojun KiWi EV (parameters) | | inquiry | inquiry (configuration).In the automobile market, KiWi EV is quite popular. This model has crossed over many industries before coming into the market, and has gained high attention in different fields.For example, in the design circle, KiWi EV once participated in Alibaba Design Week and had an exclusive booth to show his design highlights in front of various well-known designers.KiWi EV also has star endorsements. It once worked with Zhou Yutong, and song Qian became KiWi EV’s global spokesperson.In terms of pricing, the Price range of KiWi EV is 77,800 to 89,800 yuan, and the car is purely electric, so it can be lifted without purchase tax, which means the car is actually less than 100,000 yuan.When I walked into Baojun 4S shop, I could easily distinguish KiWi EV from many models, which has a lot to do with the appearance design of KiWi EV.KiWi EV in the exhibition hall uses the color scheme of clear sky, which is combined with “California orange” in front face, rearview mirror, side skirt, wheel hub and other parts, as well as the black painting on the roof, which makes the whole car quite innovative in color scheme.In addition to clear sky, the KiWi EV comes in five different color schemes called obsidian, rouge, mint, cream and emerald, all of which are featured.Among them, rouge, mint, cream these three car colors, today, AFTER I went to the shop, 4S shop staff said that Baojun created three moon cake flavors corresponding to it, respectively are purple potato rose, red bean matcha, fresh milk tea three flavors, just about the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, Baojun to create these three moon cakes are also quite appropriate.In addition, these three baojun exclusive flavor mooncakes are also made into KiWi EV “Moon Trip Adventure” Mid-Autumn Festival gift box. Participating in activities on baojun official platforms can obtain this unique Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, which is quite thoughtful and creative.However, let’s take a look at KiWi EV. In terms of design, KiWi EV is also very distinctive. Its round body makes it difficult to see obvious edges and corners on KiWi EV.At the same time, the body of the car is divided into two different areas, the upper part of the body is narrower and smaller, the lower part is wider, and there is a concave line in the middle.This design, coupled with the aforementioned two-tone coating, makes the KiWi EV look like a space capsule from a science fiction film, highly recognizable and original.I was also struck by the KiWi EV’s unusual asymmetric and floating cockpit design, rather than the conventional symmetrical one.In the middle of the cabin, you can see a perforating strip that is different in color from the cockpit. It divides the cabin into two different areas, which naturally gives the cabin a sense of suspension.In the center area, the KiWi EV doesn’t have a regular multimedia screen, and even the physical buttons aren’t arranged symmetrically. Instead, the KiWi EV has its own tilt Angle, arranged on either side of the steering column.The steering wheel is a less common two-spoke, flat-bottomed design, with touch-sensitive multimedia buttons on both sides and a floating LCD dashboard in front that makes you feel like you’re driving a spaceship.In terms of body structure, KiWi EV adopts the layout of three doors and four seats, so it is necessary to recline the first row of seats when entering and leaving the second row. For this purpose, the co-driver is specially designed to recline with one button, which improves the convenience of entering and leaving the second row.At the same time, the seat of the car is wrapped with leather material, so that you can feel the softness of the cushion when riding, and the back of the seat is ergonomic.The car’s second row of seats also has a child safety seat interface, to ensure the safety of children when traveling.As for range, the KiWi EV offers a 305km range, which is enough for a daily commute, and can be supplemented not only by fast charging, but also by 220V domestic AC.It can be seen that KiWi EV has distinctive appearance and interior design, and is suitable for traveling in big cities with unlimited travel and size.So what do you think of the KiWi EV?The event runs from April 3, 2022 to April 3, 2022