Is guo Baolu the top ten unsolved mysteries of Heaven And Dragon Slaughter?

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Why did Guo Xiang never find Yang Guo?Leaning on the sky is at the beginning of Guo Xiang Yin Qiu Chuji wrote the little dragon female words, riding a small donkey in search of Yang Guo.Guo Xiang loved Yang Guo very deeply and could not forget him.Divine eagle end with Li Bai’s autumn wind words expressed guo Xiang’s assiduous love.Guo Xiang looking for Yang Guo is sparing no effort, Yang Guo is also very like Guo Xiang, so why did Guo Xiang still not find Yang Guo?Is Yang Guo really fell in love with Guo Fu, deliberately hiding Guo Xiang not to see?How deep does Zhang Sanfeng like Guo Xiang after all?Young Zhang Sanfeng likes Guo Xiang, but it is not clear how much he likes him.Did his lifelong celibacy have something to do with it?Three xiangyang city exactly is how to break?Guo Jing has been the patron saint of Xiangyang, xiangyang broke before, what did he experience?Did Yeruqi and Wanyan Ping mutiny in the end?Four extermination teacher is too cruel and tyrant. has this character been affected by the school?Guo Xiang was the founder of emei School, and she had a great influence on the school.Her disciple, the second generation of emei master feng Ling teacher too, its name is obviously her, she can not forget Yang Guo.So the name of Extern shitai, as well as the style of killing like extern Shitai are also influenced by Guo Xiang?After all, Guo Xiang long-term acacia, love and not, even meet also can’t see, she hides into the empty door, whether the state of mind has also changed?What are the origins of the 500 Traitors?100 damage Taoist people founded the dark and poisonous god palm, what is he after all?It is possible that the palm of the goddess of darkness is derived from the Nine Yin Scriptures, so it is likely to be Guo Baolu or Yeruqi.Are liuyang Dingtian and Yang Xiao the descendants of Yang Guo?Is Yang Dingtian the descendant of Yang Guo?Yang Xiao will touch the magic hand, whether from Yang Guo imparting?Why didn’t Zhao Min directly destroy the six sects?Zhao Min in a rush to capture the heads of the six main factions to mostly, cost a great effort, why not directly killed the heads of the six main factions at that time, as a result to the six main factions later overturned?Eight spirit snake island zhou Zhi if why can succeed?In the spirit of the snake island, Zhou Zhi if conspiracy against Zhao Min et al, with the poison of Zhao Min.Always smart Zhao Min how will let Zhou Zhi if stolen poison?If Zhou Zhi since already control the overall situation, why not directly kill Zhao Min?Since Xie Xie know zhou Zhi if the plot, why not expose her?What was he worried about?Why didn’t Jiusandu show up when he was in danger?Sandu is the highest monk in shaolin Temple. When Zhao Min takes people to the shaolin Temple, why do they remain indifferent?Who is the woman in the yellow shirt?What is the purpose of her dedication?Whose descendants is the Woman in yellow?What’s the purpose of her presence?After all, before she came out, and then ten times the dangerous situation, Zhang Wuji had to deal with it.