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On February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened, and there are many Texas elements in the Winter Olympics, including blemish system, disinfection products and protective goggles.Many products are made in Texas.In the early stage, the enterprises in Zhuhai have continuously increased their efforts in scientific research, actively provided products and services to the Winter Olympics, and contributed to the successful holding of the Winter Olympics with the wisdom of Texas.Taishan Group participated in the development of the first homemade snow wax car during the Winter Olympic Games, China’s first independently developed snow wax car was stationed in Chongli Competition Area of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province to perform the event guarantee task.The car is “the first in China, the leading in the world and completely made in China”, helping Chinese skiers to go to the Winter Olympics and serving the national team for a long time.As the main research and development contractor and the deputy project commander, Leling Enterprise Taishan Sports Industry Group has implemented the project approval and main equipment research and development, integration work.No ice at minus 40℃!The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium known as the Bird’s Nest on The evening of February 4.Wang Jinqiang, chairman of The Dezhou company Shandong Xiaobo Disinfection Technology Co., LTD., was glued to the TV to witness the exciting moment.”We are proud to contribute to the Games!”Wang Jinqiang said.Not long ago, Dr. Xiao stood out from many competitors to become the supplier of health and epidemic prevention materials for the Beijing Winter Olympics. It mainly supplies three kinds of products, namely hand disinfection, object surface disinfection and low-temperature disinfection, to help the Winter Olympics.”This low-temperature disinfectant is specially developed for the special environment of the Winter Olympics.”Wang Jinqiang introduced that in the winter Olympics held in Beijing, Zhangjiakou for low temperature disinfectant demand, the company’s RESEARCH and development team successfully developed in the early stage suitable for low temperature disinfectant of minus 18℃ to minus 23℃, and after three months of technical research,Successfully developed an upgraded product — a low-temperature high-end disinfectant with the function of rapidly inactivating viruses in a low-temperature environment of minus 40℃.”Its biggest feature is that it does not freeze in an environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius and can ensure disinfection effect to the greatest extent, filling the technological gap in this field in China.”Company marketing director Liu Yongchang said.This time, the supply of a 60 ml hand sanitizer gel is also “tailored” for the Winter Olympics.It uses the highest standard of raw materials — special ethanol, higher than food grade, the use of greatly reduce the possibility of skin irritation and allergy, while adding skin moisturizing ingredients, suitable for the Winter Olympics and other special environments.At present, Dr. Xiao has developed more than 100 kinds of high-end disinfection products and owns 67 independent intellectual property rights.During the Winter Olympics, in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, many volunteers and staff wear protective face screens and protective glasses. These epidemic prevention products are from Shandong Weiyang Medical Equipment Technology Co., LTD., a qihe enterprise.”As the sole supplier of protective face screens and glasses for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, we produced 1.36 million protective face screens and 1.25 million pairs of protective glasses, escorting the Olympic Games.”Shandong Weiyang Medical equipment technology Co., LTD. General manager Li Guangfeng said.Among the many manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials in the country, Weiyang medical equipment was selected because of the strength of the company itself, which has more than 100 national patents, and the supply of these products is also impressive.The reporter tried on the related products, and the protective glasses were highly fit with the face. The edge of the product felt soft, especially when wearing glasses or face screen, there was no fog when walking into the warm room.”The lens and frame are made of medical polymer composite resin, which is anti-static, fog-free, odor free and halo free, especially in winter.”Li guangfeng said.Two years ago, Li Guangfeng see disease resistance a nurse on the face of the trench and swelling in the eyes after germination were studied with a “no stimulating smell, comfortable wearing protective glasses” idea, and then find the shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine and other relevant experts formed a research and development team in university, after repeated experiments finally developed the medical protective glasses to wear for a long time.In the past two years, the company of protective glasses has invested more than 10 million yuan in continuous improvement, and the two products of protective face screen and glasses have obtained 5 utility model patents.”For this batch of products, quality inspection runs through the whole process of production, and the sampling rate of one box of finished products exceeds 30%.”Company product quality control person Yang Kai introduction.Igawa cloud made stand system on a “swallow” snow was built at an altitude of 2200 meters mountainside, antifreeze and windproof as Beijing Olympics equipment suppliers, igawa cloud leading enterprise in shandong province and sports equipment co., LTD. Is responsible for the production, installation of the national center for alpine skiing (also known as “snow swallow”) systems, prefabricated stand on February 6th man will glide made its debut in the project.Founded in 1994, Leading Sports has been focusing on the development, design, production and installation of grandstand systems.In October 2021, the company received the task of installing seven prefabricated facilities, including a grandstand system and a photography platform, for the National Alpine Ski Center.”We have served dozens of large domestic and international sports events, including the Beijing Olympic Games and Rio Olympic Games, and our product quality and guarantee ability have been highly recognized by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games.”Li Chunguo, general manager of the company, proudly said that many products of the company have passed CE, FIBA and other international certification, and the international popularity of the brand has also become an important factor to be selected for the Winter Olympic Games.For enterprises, this is a new challenge.Unlike previous grandstands built on flat ground, this one was built on a mountainside at an altitude of 2,200 meters, which was extremely difficult and unprecedented in China.The national Alpine Skiing Center is located at the southern foot of Xiaohaituo Mountain in Yanqing, Beijing. The lowest temperature of the construction site during the day is 15℃ below zero, and the wind is 7 to 8 all the year round. It is not only difficult to work at high altitude, but also a huge test of product performance.In the face of harsh weather conditions, the common prefabricated grandstand system and seats are prone to lose toughness and even brittle fracture.Therefore, in addition to the capacity, comfort and other performance of the facilities meet the requirements of the top competition, it must also have anti-freezing, anti-earthquake, windproof, anti-slip and other special performance.”Before mass production, we strictly select materials, trial-produce and test the prefabricated grandstand system and seats to ensure high quality delivery.”Li Chunguo introduced that the company’s employees worked overtime to overcome one technical problem after another and completed the construction and installation of the project in 2 months.In addition, Leading Sports also participated in the intelligent upgrading of the National Stadium, providing it with the industry’s first intelligent seat system.The seats are embedded with chips and have intelligent navigation and guidance functions. By scanning the QR code on the ticket, the audience can find their seats in the shortest time through AR navigation.Liu Li, a native of Dezhou and a professor at The Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, made the “fast and warm” clothing for the Winter Olympics, which opened in Beijing on February 4.But few people know that the head of the research team is Liu Li, a professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology who is from Qingyun, Texas.In 2001, Liu Li entered Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as a teacher, has been engaged in functional clothing, high-performance clothing research and development.In 2019, the research team led by Liu Li was approved as the key project of the National Key RESEARCH and development Program “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” — the project of “Key Technology of Research and Development of High-performance Clothing for Winter Sports and Training Competitions”.It took three years, but the results finally appeared in the Winter Olympics.”Behind the overall development of the suit are more than 2,000 design manuscripts, more than 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing, more than 110 samples and a combination of domestic and international ‘beauty’.”Liuli said.This is the first time for China to systematically develop key technologies for winter sports.The project results serve the national athletes of the Winter Olympic Games, mainly applicable to short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating and other 8 events.According to Liu, the suit covers four key technologies — speed, protection, warmth and beauty.”In the speed racing analogy, a medal is sometimes determined by 0.01 second, which may be due to the difference in clothing and equipment.”Liu Li introduced that in order to achieve the goal of “fast”, the team collected and tested the basic properties of more than 150 kinds of fabrics worldwide according to the movement posture and speed characteristics of different projects, and applied them to the design of clothing drag reduction, effectively reducing resistance.”In speed skating alone, the resistance of the clothing we developed dropped by more than 10 percent compared to overseas purchases.”Liuli said.”Protecting” and “warming” are also the core technical issues of the team.For example, alpine skiing training protective clothing adopts a new columnar array anti-impact structure and a new type of energy absorption and shock mitigation materials, which can effectively avoid the athletes through the flag gate whipping injury;Short track speed skating suits use high elastic cutting fabric, giving consideration to muscle compression, clothing drag reduction and other functions, on the basis of maintaining elasticity, anti-cutting performance improved by 20% to 30%.At the same time, by improving the fiber thermal insulation rate and adopting active heating technology, the wearer can be guaranteed to work sustainably for more than 8 hours in an environment of minus 30℃.”We also deliberately integrated Chinese culture into the design, hoping to show Chinese beauty to the world through our clothes.”Liuli said.