The real-life Lock the Door!The estate agent pretended to be the landlord and then burgled

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Not long ago, a hit movie “The Lock” made many people who live alone tense up.But now the Door is locked in real life, this time with a real estate agent posing as a landlord.He forged the house property certificate, the house at a low price as bait to rent to others, after collecting long-term rent, but also chose to burglary…In June 2021, Mr. Wang’s lease is about to expire.When I was worried about how to rent a house, my company colleague just recommended a real estate agent to him.The next day, Mr Wang will contact this intermediary Ding mou mou, and the agreement good-looking room time and place.Seen after being a house agent, Mr Wang said very satisfied, but always rational wang still left a mind’s eye, he asked: “although this is your friend’s house, but after all to sign a contract, it is better to let the landlord come along with house property card and identity card, so we are also more at ease.”Ding mou mou is not in a hurry, took out a mobile phone calmly to the “landlord” made a phone call.Before long, a man claiming to be the landlord hurried in with a picture of the property certificate in his hand.After checking the address and ID card on the house property card, Mr. Wang was relieved to sign a rental contract with it.It is clearly marked on the contract: six months rent and one month deposit. One month rent is 1700 RMB.Then, Mr. Wang divided three times a total of 11900 yuan to Ding mou.A few days after the move, Mr. Wang’s suspicions were aroused by what his next-door neighbor said.”I recently lost some things, dingmou some have my room key, I suspect his hands and feet are not clean, you also beware point.”Listen to these, Mr. Wang instant to ding mou mou added a layer of gray “filter”.But Mr. Wang’s next encounter, completely shattered this layer of filter, let Ding Mou revealed the original ferocious.One morning, Mr. Wang was getting ready to go out when he met the real landlord of his rented house. “Young man, you tenants need to pay their rent.”Mr. Wang could not help wondering: “I have signed the contract and paid the rent for six months, how can someone collect the rent?”After checking eye predecessor about each formalities of the house, Mr. Wang discovers the other side is true landlord unexpectedly, “Ding mou mou is cheater originally!”Later, after knowing clearly what happened, the real landlord hurriedly went to the police station to report the incident.Ding mou to the case after confession, he used to be a real estate intermediary, so that is located in a community of two houses to rent.”I came up with the idea to get some money because I couldn’t pay back my gambling debts of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan and needed it badly.”Ding mou uses his housing intermediary identity, first with intention to rent the people to see its find in advance to rent the house.If the other party agrees to rent, Ding mou will be the landlord or instil others to “act” the identity of the landlord, and the other party to talk about the price, and low rent as bait, requiring the other party to sign a long-term contract similar to pay six.Once this side signed down, Ding mou will immediately find the real landlord, and its high price signed a pay a short-term contract, using the difference between the two contracts to cheat cash.In order to further gain the trust of tenants, Ding also used P map software for their liking to rent a room to make a false house ownership certificate.Although Ding mou knows his “high rent – low rent” behavior is not long-term expediency, but seeing his own huge gambling debt can not pay, he still heart, “make money first!”Up to the case, Ding mou through such gimmick 4 people RMB 30,000 yuan.But even so, the rent is difficult to solve ding mou’s pressing danger.Just after renting out the house in hand, Ding mou used the spare key that he kept privately during the renting period to secretly enter the rooms rented by several tenants and steal cash, famous brand wallet, Maotai liquor, mobile phone and other items when the house was empty.After appraisal, the property value of the above total nearly 6000 yuan.Recently, by Shanghai Minhang District people’s Procuratorate prosecution of ding mou contract fraud, theft a case sentencing, the defendant Ding mou for committing contract fraud, theft, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for one year one month, and fine.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: