Yang Ming really knows what to do!End of the war on the small Yao Ming, to Shandong coach Xu Changsuo reciprocate

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On January 28, Beijing time, with the Liao Basketball team in the second phase of the final battle of the remaining 20 points of nanjing Tongxi team, belongs to their journey of the second phase of the CBA successfully ended, the whole team with 3 consecutive wins, the standings of the first bright record has returned to Shenyang.It is worth mentioning that in the game against with the sunrise of nanjing, on loan from shandong team manager Mr. Liao basket specially to come Han Dejun substitute Zhu Rongzhen designed the offensive tactics, let him come to liao baskets in the game the brightest star – 12 in the mobile warfare shot 9, 7 of 10 free throws, spamming a team-high 25 points, fully fulfilled his talent.Some people also said that Zhu Rongzhen beat the flank nanjing tongxi team to take more points can not explain what problem, after all, the opponent is too weak, but at least to change everyone in the past to Zhu Rongzhen “will only foul” bad impression?At 2.18 meters tall, Zhu is nicknamed Little Yao Ming by fans, but he is not a traditional center. He is tall, not clumsy, and is best known for his speed on the floor, far better than other post players of his height.Through the match with nanjing xi team believe that we have seen zhu Rongzhen many times to follow the guard Zhao Jiwei under the fast break scene, this is his biggest advantage, with the liao basket attack rhythm – Zhao Jiwei in front of the open, Zhu Rongzhen follow up to offer a sudden dunk.Zhu Rongzhen became the game liao basket offensive axis, not let the coach specifically around his design of tactical waste, Yang Ming is also happy.As expected, zhu Rongzhen took him to the conference, and after the conference, Yang Ming also said to Zhu Rongzhen: “How is the epidemic in my hometown?Can I go home for Chinese New Year?”I have to sigh at the hard work of being a head coach. I have too much to worry about — I stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch the opponent’s game videos, study the techniques and tactics, and care about the players’ lives in every detail after the game.It is worth saying that Yang Ming reuses Zhu Rongzhen in the final battle is also once again reflected his high emotional intelligence, because before in Shandong against Guangzhou team after the game, Shandong team head coach Xu Changsuo with attending the press conference is from the liao Basket loan in the past high shiyan.So the Yang Ming to Zhu Rongzhen special attention, is undoubtedly the return of Xu Changsuo, but also for the body in a foreign land of high shiyan support.However, objectively speaking, in shandong against Guangzhou team in that game, Gao Shiyan presence is not enough, its substitute in 27 minutes of sports war shooting 5 1, only contributed 2 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists.But Gao Shiyan condition is not good there are objective reasons, because the second stage of his body suffered from injury and illness of the double torture, not good state is understandable.Write in the last hope zhu Rongzhen can grow quickly in liao basket, liao basket for the crown.At the same time, I hope high shiyan in the third stage can return, play their own value!# # liao basket