Behrami played in four World Cups, and his wife won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics

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Switzerland’s Lala Gut-Behrami won the gold medal in the women’s alpine skiing super-G at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which ended on Feb 11.It was the first Winter Olympic gold medal for lala Gut-Behrami, 30.Lala Gut-Behrami missed the 2010 Vancouver Games due to injury, then competed in Sochi 2014, Pyeongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022 before finally winning the coveted Olympic gold medal at the age of 30.Lala Gut-Behrami’s husband will be familiar to fans: Swiss midfielder Valon Behrami.There is a link between football and the Beijing Winter Olympics.From the name, appearance, it is not difficult to find that the Swiss national team has many former immigrants and immigrants descendants, behrami is one of them.Behrami, born in Yugoslavia, moved to Switzerland with his family as a child and became an important member of the Swiss national team, scoring two goals in 83 appearances and appearing in 4 World Cups and 2 European Cups.World Cup 2006, Euro 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018.Behrami also set a Swiss national team record by becoming the first Swiss international to appear in four consecutive World Cups.Thanks to the strong immigrant talent base, the Overall strength of the Swiss national team has improved significantly and become a regular player in the World Cup. After participating in the 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups, the Swiss national team has successfully qualified for the 2022 World Cup.After representing Switzerland in four World Cups, Behrami married Lala Guth in the summer of 2018.Shortly after her marriage, Lala Gut began using the name Lala Gut behrami when she competed.Behrami, who is six years older than his wife, is no longer playing at international level but at club level.Behrami, who has played in serie A, The Premier League and the Bundesliga, has spent most of his career in Italy and recently moved from Genoa to Serie B side Brescia.After 21 rounds of the 2021-22 serie B season, Inzaghi’s brescia finished third in the table.Argentina veteran striker Palacio, 40, is also at Brescia and has scored three goals in serie B this season.After playing in Serie A for many years, behrami, Palacio these two veteran players will play in serie B this season.It has been 18 years since Baggio retired from playing at brescia, most of them in Serie B, and a brief return to Serie A. Can the club return to serie A this season?