Guangxi province test all-round interpretation is coming!Registration time in advance, recruitment scale growth!

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After the announcement of the 2022 Guangxi Provincial examination was released, it was found that there are some new changes in the 2022 Guangxi Provincial examination, the following number said that the recruitment of the united Color fruit examination network will carry out a detailed interpretation of the announcement, only for your reference!1. From 2015 to 2019, civil servant recruitment in Guangxi will be announced in the middle of March, and the written examination will be held in April, the same as other regions.In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the overall examination was postponed, and in 2021, the overall examination was advanced. Although the written examination in 2022 was only one day earlier than that in 2021, the announcement and registration time of guangxi provincial examination were again advanced!Candidates who have passed the qualification examination must pay the fee within the specified time, otherwise they will be regarded as giving up the examination. The written examination fee for public subjects is 86 yuan/person. Candidates who apply for the positions of outstanding village cadres are exempt from the written examination fee.In 2021, those eligible for the minimum standard of living will have to pay the test fee first and then refund the test fee. In 2022, those eligible for the minimum standard of living will have to submit the test fee waiver application directly through the application system.The written test reflects the principle of classification and classification. The comprehensive management positions at autonomous region level and municipal level (hereinafter referred to as “Class A positions”) shall use A paper;For general management positions at county and township level (hereinafter referred to as “Class B positions”), paper B shall be used.For administrative law enforcement positions (hereinafter referred to as “Category C positions”), paper C is used.In addition to the written test of public subjects, those who apply for law enforcement service positions and special recruitment positions of the public security organs also need to take professional subject tests (examination outline can be queried on the Guangxi Personnel examination website), with a score of 100 points.Iv. Increase the minimum service life requirements for “personnel employed by preferential policies such as lowering the entry threshold”. Part of the content of “publicity and employment approval” has been added in the announcement of guangxi Province examination in 2022:”Personnel employed to positions in remote and difficult areas through preferential policies such as lowering the entry threshold shall serve for a minimum of five years (including probationary period) in the organs of remote and difficult counties and townships within the municipal districts they apply for;For those less than five years, they shall not exchange (including through open selection) with organs at the higher levels within their own city or those in non-difficult and remote areas, nor shall they exchange (including through open selection) with organs in other cities and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) (including those in difficult and remote areas).If there is a minimum length of service for other positions, relevant regulations shall apply.”Five, reduce a class according to the actual number of people pay for the opening of the examination position comparison in 2021 and 2022 Guangxi Province examination announcement, found that “position change”, not set the opening of the examination proportion of the position is less a class, that is, “for the disabled recruitment position”!In order to help you understand the specific recruitment situation of the 2022 Guangxi Provincial examination, Lei Bao carries out a comprehensive job table analysis and interpretation for you.From 2015 to 2018, guangxi recruited more than 8,000 to 9,000 civil servants.In 2019, due to the impact of institutional reform, the recruitment scale dropped sharply to over 4,000 people.In 2020, the number of recruitment picked up, the number of recruitment reached nearly 6,000 people, to 2021, the scale of recruitment and a significant decline, directly cut in half, less than 3,000 people, 2022 recruitment scale is not as good as in previous years, but compared with last year, is also an expansion of nearly 1500 people!According to the position distribution in guangxi province in 2022, only 1% of the positions require retired college students, and 5.61% of the positions are volunteers in the west.According to the age requirement distribution in guangxi Province in 2022, applicants aged 30 and below accounted for 18% of the total.