He genius check safety production and condolences to the miners

2022-06-17 0 By

On January 31, the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Vice governor He Tiancai went to Changzhi and Jincheng to inspect and supervise work safety during the festival, and visited miners who stick to the front line of coal production.He tiancai successively deeper LuAn group syma underground working face, jincheng gaoping Zhao Zhuang coal mine operation department, places such as railway coal point, detailed understanding of the enterprise production safety measures, the hidden perils and coal transportation security, etc., and on behalf of the provincial government to hold position during the festival of the coal mine worker best regards.He pointed out that coal miners are the most obedient to the Party and always speak politics, the overall situation and dedication.In order to ensure the energy supply of the whole country, all coal mines in our province will not have a holiday during the Spring Festival this year. We should firmly establish the concept of “ensuring safety is ensuring supply”, constantly improve the safety guarantee capability, and resolutely curb the occurrence of various accidents.He urged the accompanying enterprises and local government officials to spare no efforts to ensure the production and life of front-line workers, effectively improve the level of welfare, let everyone feel at ease to work, and provide a solid guarantee for the people of the province to enjoy a peaceful and healthy Spring Festival holiday.Reporter Zheng Lu Li Jiaming Shanxi Daily