The Public Security Bureau of Tongde County carried out the Spring Festival visit and condolence activities

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Spring Festival, the old cold feeling deep.To further condensed p heart, inspiring morale, the full implementation of CongYouDaiJing policy measures, to promote to the public security team cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness, January 31 and February 1, deputy county magistrate, party secretary of public security bureau, the secretary of the group of cutting with comrade led the bureau party committee organized group member that goes down to the basic unit team, called sympathy nzte auxiliary police on duty at the grass-roots level people,Send holiday thoughts, greetings and condolence money to warm their hearts.While visiting a line of police station at the grass-roots level, detention house, the traffic police brigade and patrol team, condolences group to stick to jobs, the people of the hard work force our warmest greetings, and auxiliary police friendly exchanges with people, ask about their work and life situation, field about the stability during holiday on duty security and BeiQin, etc., to convey the cordial greetings of the party committee of poisoned,Seeing that the civilian auxiliary police on duty are in good order and have high morale, they give full affirmation and high evaluation.He encouraged the civil auxiliary police to continue to carry forward the fine style of public security organs, shoulder their responsibilities and missions, make persistent efforts and make further achievements, and do their best to ensure social security stability and epidemic prevention and control during the Winter Olympics, the National Two Sessions and the Spring Festival, so as to create a safe and harmonious social security environment.According to Che Qunjia, public security organs are the backbone to maintain social stability, and the more critical the period, the more we need to see the presence of public security.During the festival, all the people auxiliary police to further improve the ideological understanding, strengthen the work measures, solid work.To always maintain combat posture, overcome difficulties, continue to fight, open a good bureau, fight a good war, the work is delicate, extreme, successfully complete the tasks assigned by the superior, to protect the county over a stable and peaceful Spring Festival, for the net show with De contribution to the public security forces.The reviewer | yong-sheng li wen word, album | Ma Qian