Today is the fifth day of the lunar New Year to welcome the god of wealth, quickly receive money

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Today, the fifth day of the year, the god of wealth’s birthday, please meet the God of wealth!God of wealth into your home, protect you this year hair hair!Big wealth small wealth unexpected wealth, a steady stream of all come, five road god of wealth qi came, in all directions into money!Receive the God of wealth, meet the God of wealth, the God of wealth to send fortune to the door;Big wealth, small wealth together, the God of wealth to increase happiness;The God of wealth day, the God of wealth, jubilant!Counting money!Big wealth, small wealth, hi to wealth, the god of wealth home exchequer xing;Into wealth, fortune, fortune, the god of wealth to send wealth unlimited;Raise wealth, accumulate wealth, add wealth, bonanza every day.God of wealth to report!East god of wealth to treasure, west god of wealth to send agate, south god of wealth to transport money, north God of wealth xingli city, the God of wealth in all wishful.I wish you this year hair hair, auspicious tiger wealth home!Meet the God of wealth, wealth hood, purse bulging, high deposit;Happy happy happy happy unfettered, sesame blossom high, blessing to shipped to fortune, fortune to smile, good luck, bonanza lucky star!Winter to spring potpourri, the God of wealth to send money jubilant, the east to send you cash cow, the West to send you forever healthy, the south to send you good business, the north to send you money full box.Come in all directions, financial resources widely into le Tao tao!The God of wealth day to the god of wealth, heaven auspicious floating money, on the ground gold pile into a mountain, pearl agate basin is now, cash cow son gold flash, prosperity in the year of the tiger!Meet the fortune fortune, peace and wealth in a good mood, a wealth, two xi, huanhuanlele good fortune, wish everyone peace, joy and happiness in the year of the tiger, Longevity Yannian healthy body, money billow into their homes, family harmony are of the same mind, boon conjugally love family!