Two drunk drivers at the gate of the community, a baby and a mother

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It is a kind of happiness to get together with relatives on the Spring Festival, and it is normal to send them home after the party, but driving them home after drinking is really wrong.On February 3, the third night of the lunar New Year, the traffic police of Benxi Traffic Police Bridge in the North Team in front of the road section of The Mingcui Mountain Village in Benxi City found two cases of drunk driving illegal parties, one is to send his wife and less than 100 days of baby, the other is to send an old mother nearly 80 years old.19 when 30 points later on February 3, is the road traffic police on duty of benxi bridge north deputy district chief Zou Jin, found in front of the benxi Ming cui village village road a plate for liao MLM980 red car in front of the village hill road, driving off and on, found that, after Zou Jin immediately came with the red car pulled for inspection.As soon as the window was rolled down, there was a strong smell of alcohol, accompanied by the crying of a baby and the sound of a woman coaxing her child.Faced with the police’s inquiry, the driver Surnamed Zhang admitted that he had drunk some liquor at a family party in the evening. After dinner, he drove home with his wife and 100-day-old child. As soon as he got home, he was caught by the police on duty.According to the breathable alcohol test on the scene, Zhang was suspected of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. After leaving the next police force to continue on duty on the scene, the traffic police took Zhang to the hospital for blood test.The police car just opens appear and disappear many far, be in with opposite to of a license plate is liao EZ218 gray car meeting car, under the light, traffic police discovers opposite to vehicle obviously decelerate pull over, and the driver is conscious of head low.The unusual behavior attracted the attention of traffic police, who stopped the vehicle for inspection.At first, the driver of the gray car said that he had not drunk alcohol, but faced with 95mg/100ml breathable alcohol test, the driver Surnamed Zhao admitted that he had drunk some liquor at a relative’s home at noon. After visiting relatives in the evening, he thought his liquor strength had passed, and drove his mother, who was nearly 80 years old, home.Fast to the gate of the community, just and the traffic police went opposite, because of the guilty, instinct will pull over, did not expect to be sharp traffic police found.In the end, the traffic police took the two men to the hospital for blood tests, where both men remorseful of their drunk driving behavior, but also said that they should not drink and drive their loved ones home.The two will be further punished according to the blood test results, and both cases are being further handled.