Vocational secondary vocational schools in Jiahe County launched a campaign to sweep buildings and knock on doors

2022-06-17 0 By

Rednet jiahe branch station (correspondent Lei Xiaoli Hu Pingyan) recently, Jiahe County vocational secondary professional school organized more than 10 party members and cadres, to Tanping town Li Mufeng village to carry out “sweep the building knock on the door” action.”Auntie, hello, we are teachers in Jiahe Vocational School. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we need to collect some information. Please open your health code and please do not go out recently.”During the campaign, people went door to door, explained the current epidemic prevention and control policies patiently and carefully, and did a good job in household registration, screening and information collection.At the same time, villagers have been mobilized to persuade their relatives who work outside the country not to return to Jia unless necessary.For the villagers who are not at home, the staff informed one by one through the phone, and do a good job of registration, earnestly do not leak a family, not a person.So far, party officials of the school have visited 1,123 households and dissuaded 756 people from returning to Jia.In the next step, the school will continue to push forward the “sweep the building and knock on the door” action, strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control, ensure the registration and publicity in place, and take practical actions to protect the health and safety of residents.