“Dark cuisine”?Shen Teng exposed the mask of pain smile not to live

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Who else hasn’t seen the latest issue of Mahua Fun?Can’t miss shen Teng and Ma Li mutual name fight scene.Shen Teng battle and Xu Wenhe team, even threatened Ma Li with Xu Wenhe.But who is our sister Li?Mahua first sister is not afraid of.What is cp when someone insults someone?For Li sister to win is the most important, tengge this wave of missteps ah.But when it comes to threats, Shen Teng is “cornered”.The rules of the game are that the two teams add sauce to each other’s dishes.Naive Shen Teng pk when the game to play, but Ma Li can put the game as the battle of the purple forbidden top.Especially at the beginning of shen Teng team too heavy, to the sea treasure whole can not hold, Ma Li face on the difference write “kill or die” four words.It’s mari’s turn. Boy, steal the tricks of the next team.Matcha + wasabi sauce, just think of the sour!Ma also didn’t forget to give the sauce innovation, and added a spoonful of tahini sauce, xiaobian I feel uncomfortable across the screen for Tengge.Shen Teng can only take out the “assassin’s mace”, tell Ma Li so whole sauce, all into her husband’s mouth.Still don’t wait for Shen Teng to be smug, Ma Li 1 “who husband also bad make.”Directly to Shen Teng back to the original form.Xiaobian I think, this sentence, directly broke the two people.Your li elder sister is indeed your li elder sister, in the face of victory and defeat, who is not good to make!I have to say that Lijie in mahua this fighting level is definitely top1, right?Fight to six kinsmen recognize that kind of type, who saw not to shout a woman for mercy.It seems that so more than ten years, teng Ge still can not touch ma Li’s mind.It doesn’t matter tengge, li Sister this wave of output estimates even Xu Wenhe also can’t think of, can only say that the family status.Teng elder brother next time we still don’t play Ma Li’s abacus, play a lose a, it is better to hold tight li sister’s thigh.Follow sister Li have meat to eat, sure enough happy mutual hatred shen Horse combination is the most perfect.Hurriedly open “mahua very happy”, see “output king” Li elder sister how a word break two people.