How did He Zizhen react to the death of the Chinese president in 1976?His face was calm, but he called his daughter frequently

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How many decades are there in life?Is what kind of feeling, can let a person use the rest of his life all the time, to miss another person’s ten years?MAO Zedong all one’s life has 3 wife in common, Yang Kaihui gives him the gentleness of the family at the beginning of calendar, and He Zizhen puts down a suit haughty, accompany him to pass through the most torrid 10 years, can only finally however two Swallow cent fly.When He Zizhen heard the news of MAO’s death more than 30 years after their separation, his reaction was surprisingly bland.But she kept calling her daughter, Li Min, to confirm the news, her trembling hands betraying her mixed grief.Before she left MAO, she did not think that the parting would be forever.But when the fact has become a regret, she is the only person left in the world.MAO Zedong met He Zizhen when he went to Jinggang in the autumn of 1927.At that time, the girl was 29 years of youth, known as “a new flower forever”;But the personality is quite cheerful and forthright, on weekdays “vigorous fire”, in the female comrade is very rare.And he Zizhen is the first female party member in Jinggangshan, not only has revolutionary consciousness and enthusiasm, but also indomitable momentum to do things.They hit it off in faith and philosophy, and were soulful companions before marriage.He Zizhen was appointed secretary to MAO Zedong.Feelings soon warmed up.Chairman MAO was a great man, but he was very straight when he confessed: “You are a good comrade, a good girl, AND I like you very much.”This clumsy confession touched the girl’s heart.In May 1928, the two of them became a newlywed and sweet couple. Since then, they have been sailing together for ten years.In 1934, the fifth counter-encirclement and suppression failed, and the Red Army was forced to embark on a long journey into the unknown with simple supplies and bags on their backs.Across the snow-capped mountains, the world is freezing ten miles of frost;Across the meadow, the green sea is endless.Despair, hardship, doubt, burden, are accompanied by He Zizhen MAO Zedong.This female yingjie never shouted a bitter, also never abandon gave her husband the most firm support and rely on.Even in the midst of her constant struggle with the enemy, the children she gave birth to died one by one.He Zizhen, who gave birth to six children in the past decade, was either forced to stay at home with local villagers and let her children “return to the people” with tears in her eyes.Or in the absence of medical conditions, helplessly watching the child endure the torture of pain, powerless to die.So that many years later, he Zizhen and MAO Zedong can safely stay around, only li Min daughter.Run away in anger, 10 years of suffering although two people are in trouble, this love is like lacquer, produce crack gradually because of quarrel however, he Zizhen runs away in anger eventually, two people are destined to regret for life from this.Quarrel and estrangement, one is from the lack of time together, the absence of company.MAO Zedong was always at war, traveling far and wide, so he Zizhen was seldom able to talk to him.Meet the enemy situation police urgent, the night to open the battle meeting, but also the sky.That’s what makes the relationship cool.The second is the constant friction of character.MAO Zedong and He Zizhen were both straight-talking people with tough temper who would not give in to anyone.MAO Zedong once joked with He Zizhen: “You are iron, I am steel, when met, jingle.”Quarrel is good, good finish again quarrel, back and forth, friction is not.The last is probably he Zizhen’s inferiority complex.After MAO Zedong arrived in Yan ‘an, there were many young men and women in Yan ‘an who were progressive in thought, not only with a high level of knowledge, but also with sufficient revolutionary energy.He Zizhen gradually felt that he could not keep pace with her husband, secretly anxious.That’s probably why I went to study in the Soviet Union later.According to some accounts, after an argument between the two in 1937, He zizhen boarded a train to Xi ‘an in anger.She originally planned to transfer to Shanghai, but had to change her itinerary because of the August 13 Incident.Instead of going back to MAO zedong, He zizhen decided to go to the Soviet Union to study red theory and revolution at Moscow Oriental University.By this time, she was pregnant.The baby was born in Moscow. It was a lovely baby boy. He Zizhen named him Liao Va.Unfortunately, little Liao wa died of pneumonia at the age of ten months because of poor care.This is undoubtedly a huge blow to He Zizhen.She blamed herself for the mistake, saying that she was so busy studying that she ignored her child’s symptoms and left him in the care of the nursery.When MAO Zedong learned of this incident, he reluctantly kept his side at that time. He zizhen’s four-year-old daughter li Min was sent to Moscow to accompany He Zizhen.Li Min was brought there by Zhu De’s daughter, Zhu Min. When He Zizhen saw his daughter, he held her in his arms while crying out “Jiaojiao”.Jiaojiao is probably the only comfort and support for He Zizhen, who is alone in a foreign country.In order to treat Li Min, who fell ill due to the Moscow cold, He Zizhen had to do a lot of work every day, from washing and weaving to logging, which was only done by men, in the hope of earning more bread and medicine.Fortunately, Li Min recovered.She was also the only surviving daughter of He Zizhen and MAO Zedong, and accompanied them into their later years.It was not until he Zizhen returned to China in 1947 that he confirmed the news that MAO Had married Madame Jiang.The two have long since been unable to.MAO Zedong wrote to the letter, “from now on we are only comrades” deeply hurt he Zizhen heart.She regretted running away in her anger.Until really lost, just enough time for this lost feelings and regret.Later, except in 1959, MAO Zedong took the initiative to meet with He Zizhen on Lushan Mountain, and the two talked all night, they rarely met.When Chairman MAO died in 1976, He Zizhen got the news quickly.The 67-year-old did not shed tears and her expression remained placid, but her hands shook as she repeatedly picked up the phone to call her daughter.She passed the long night with her eyes open.Recalling the time when they were together, the revolutionary journey they went through hand in hand, and the hope that a stubborn monk in Moscow held alone…Eventually into a half-life powder, as if more vicissitudes than after a hundred years.Summary: If He Zizhen had not left Yan ‘an in anger, whether two people can continue “steel and iron” this section of collision and hot feelings?Unfortunately, history has no if, no feelings.Three years later, at the age of 70, He Zizhen arrived at the gate of Chairman MAO’s Memorial Hall.She turned back occasionally, and the road behind her seemed to be buried in the sunshine of the square.Her eyes are very dull, no pain, no regret, only to see everything dull.When she touched the portrait of Chairman MAO in the memorial hall again, the Jinggang heroine could not help but leave tears.Yang Kaihui has “I lost arrogant Yang Jun lost liu”, but she has what?