My girlfriend went on a business trip for 10 days, but she went traveling with a stranger behind my back. After being discovered, she said they had known each other since childhood

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Before we got married, my girlfriend went out with her male best friend behind my back for 10 days. I found it by looking at her phone.I didn’t know she had a so-called male best friend, or even heard her talk about it, until I found the picture.My girlfriend said that her two are the elder brothers grew up together, the relationship is particularly good, do not tell me is afraid of my jealousy, so they two about to go out to play a trip, after marriage guarantee will not.Having said that, I get so angry when I see my girlfriend getting intimate with her male best friend. What does she take me for?Are men and women just friends?We are engaged, but seeing how close they look in the photo, I am afraid she will put a hat on me, and now I don’t want to get married…My name is Xiaonan (pseudonym), my girlfriend is Fangfang (pseudonym), we have been in love for 2 years, and it is time to get married. Both parents are satisfied with the marriage, and I am looking forward to getting married with Fangfang.We got engaged during the Spring Festival. Because Fangfang was busy with her work, she said she wanted to postpone the wedding to October 1, which I agreed with. After all, everything was ready except the east wind.A few nights ago, when Fangfang was in the bathroom, someone suddenly sent her a voice call. I didn’t have the habit of answering her phone at ordinary times, so I said to her at the door. She said she would call her back after taking a bath.I know her passcode but I rarely check her phone.But that day I opened her phone for some reason, only to find out her secret and read it, which made me furious.Many of Fangfang’s moments blocked me and my family, and there were many photos of her with a strange man.I was furious. We were getting married. How could this happen?If any man saw a picture of his soon-to-be-married wife with another man, he would be outraged…I calculated that this time should be the period of her business trip before. I knew that Fangfang was away for ten days. She told me it was a business trip for her company, and I believed her.Unexpectedly, she took a business trip to travel with a strange man. I couldn’t bear to think of her alone. I even suspected that I was already wearing a hat.Fangfang from the bathroom I angrily asked her circle of friends is how to return a responsibility?Who knows she saw my angry expression to say to me: “you don’t angry, with you don’t say is afraid of you angry ah, if you know you that jealous son also can’t overturn!He is my buddy, we grew up together, we are friends, and it is impossible for you to be paranoid with him.If we were going to be together, we would have been together…”I couldn’t believe her explanation. Could it be that what I saw was false?I asked her, “Then why did you say you were traveling instead of traveling?How do you explain this?Would you take such intimate pictures, even if you were best male friends?What am I to you?”We argued about this matter for a long time and then broke up in bad mood. I felt very sad. I also told my family about this matter, and they said that they could not spend the money, but this matter must be explained clearly.I’m so messed up right now, the thought of them taking intimate pictures is killing me.I really can not accept that I can not say stingy, because the feelings are selfish, no one can accept their feelings more than one person, I do not want to marry Fangfang now, the more I think about this thing, the more sad in my heart.Thank you xiaonan for your sharing. In fact, it is easy to think clearly, but you should know one thing first, is the so-called pure friendship real?Are male best friends really best friends?First, your girlfriend told you she was going on a 10-day business trip. Instead, she went out with her male best friend.Second, your girlfriend posted pictures of herself and her male best friend on wechat to block you and your family.It was finally found alive but mud, so far has not given a clear explanation.She lied to you from the beginning. If your girlfriend really loved you, she would care about your feelings, but she didn’t.So your girlfriend said it is self-evident, your worry is reasonable, and this kind of thing for any man certainly can not accept, the girlfriend’s explanation is too far-fetched, any one person can not accept their feelings have a third party, so or respect their heart!I am not yannan Tian