Once tianjin Daqiuzhuang “emperor of earth”, eventually ended up in prison, have great achievements and how

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Daqiuzhuang, once a famous “capital rich village” in Tianjin, was rumored in 1993 that 1,000 People’s Liberation Army soldiers would attack the village with heavy weapons.The deluded villagers set up roadblocks in an effort to stop the so-called LIBERATION Army.The disseminator of this rumor was yu Zuomin, the owner of Daqiu Village at that time.For this matter at the time of the spread of the uproar, even up to the selection, there are various versions of the spread.Yu Zuomin was born in 1930. His family was in the countryside, and he could not read a few characters. When he was young, He always followed his father to the fields.Of the four brothers, Yu Zuomin was the cleverer, so his father was going to send him to a private school.And the performance in the school is also pleasing.So later the father prepared his three sons to try to cultivate talents.But the disaster of 1936 prevented Yu from going to school.It was only after liberation that I got the chance to read.At that time, Yu joined a cooperative with his talent, worked as an accountant, and then became a party secretary, starting the process of building the village.In leading the development of Daqiuzhuang, Yu zuomin also set his sights on the outside world, leading the villagers to open factories, especially the then famous Daqiuzhuang cold-rolled steel mill.The hero turned sinner, the good card also lost to lead everyone to become rich in the process, Yu Zuomin’s heart is also expanding.At that time, after the death of the chairman of huada Group, the group’s internal problems directly exposed.Yu Zuomin began to come forward to host the relevant issues, in order to thoroughly investigate the problems, even private court interrogation group senior level.You should know that in the new era, the state is not allowed to exist such behavior, this is a serious illegal behavior.But Yu Zuomin thought he was doing the right thing because he did not know the law.Since then, all kinds of people were forced to confess with words and deeds, especially the beating of Wei Fuhe, which almost led to his appointment. However, Wei Fuhe also left the world with grief and anger.The seriousness of this incident has been alerted to the relevant departments, the public security organs of Yu Zuomin ready to carry out relevant inquiries.However, yu Zuomin, who did not know the law, ran away without permission and used rumors to incite villagers to fight against the government. After hiding for three months, Yu thought the matter was over and came back, but this time the police began to organize people to arrest him.But the villagers at that time will be more or less hidden guns and ammunition in their homes, in order to prevent their escape, special arrangements for the police to surround and suppress.But an angry Yu encouraged the villagers to openly confront the staff and even threatened to resign during his arrest.Justice will always prevail over evil. Even though Yu Zuomin had made great achievements before, he had seriously violated the law by spreading rumors, inciting villagers to fight against the government, and setting up private courts to interrogate high-ranking officials. He was later arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison.To sum up the various behaviors of Yu Zuomin in Daqiuzhuang, the media at that time also adopted the term “earth Emperor”.Yu Zuomin in prison, there is no past arrogance, but calm down to do their own things in prison.Later, when his son came to visit his father, Yu zuomin told his son to understand the law, which was why he was sent to prison.Gradually, the older Yu zuomin was admitted to the hospital for treatment.When his mother died in 1997, Woo was allowed to attend the funeral.There are two different theories about Yu zuomin’s death, one is that he took sleeping pills, the other is that he died of a heart attack.According to Yu zuomin’s will, during his funeral, family members were not allowed to display filial piety or receive gifts.From his case, we know more that as a citizen in the new era, it is necessary to know the law, know the law, and be a law-abiding citizen.