Professional Cycling Team Manager 2022 will be released on June 9

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Developed by the professional cycling team manager 2022 Studio launched Steam page, the game is expected to be sold on June 9, temporarily does not support Chinese, interested players into the store page.Video: Game introduction: “Professional cycling Team Manager 2022” let you incarnation as a sports director.Make all the decisions necessary to get your team to the top: your responsibilities include recruitment, planning goals and race plans, sponsor management, identifying future talent, training, race strategy, and more.You can also create your own riders in Pro Cyclist mode.Join a team, prove yourself worthy to be a leader, and shine on the cycling track.Can you rise to be one of the best?Professional Cycling Team Manager 2022 lets you compete with players from around the world in online mode.A good athletic director must know how to recruit future talent, which is why we created a new talent discovery system.You have to send your car to different regions in order to find the best talent.As time goes on, your car will get better and more efficient.They send you information on a regular basis (about potential, characteristics, etc.) that you can use to make choices (observation, integration with the development team, etc.) so that you can get to know the driver better.Of course, you have to compete directly with other teams for talent.The new system grades young cyclists on a six-star scale according to their ability and potential.Young riders are now created with 1,500 to 2,000 young cyclists a year (three times more than before) aged 16 to 18.These new drivers will be more versatile and develop on a par with the current star drivers.Driver development is like young talent, we want to have more all-round drivers, so we redesigned the development system with this in mind.It is also crucial for the driver to fit in perfectly with the team and establish a good relationship with the coach, otherwise they will not make the best progress.In Pro Cycling Manager 2022, with more different teams, you will experience a different scene from the usual Tour stage blueprint.You will find a tense start to the race, with the favourites in the lead and all sorts of attacks from the first hour.Other improvements have been redesigned with an overhaul of the cyclists’ page, which now includes new statistics that highlight a rider’s abilities and results, as well as an interface to compare the characteristics of cyclists.Endurance and resistance scores have a greater effect on the amount of energy expended during a race.This allows some drivers to attack multiple times, or manage their energy better at the end of a race.Race day conditions are now closer to published provisional conditions.To achieve full customization, you can now adjust 2 parameters: bonus range (from +5 to -5 or completely deactivate), optional activation or deactivate parameter variation.Optimized simulation time, now twice as fast as before.You can now prepare specific team leader shirts for a given race.Game screenshots: