Several strong directions are worth watching

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Today, the market rose, mainly steady growth logic, infrastructure performance is good.Since 2022, the overall market decline, such as infrastructure can “horizontal” industries, is the most worthy of attention.Similarly, real estate, home appliances, aviation, Hong Kong stocks, finance and so on.Coal is also strong.This wave of coal logic hard, mainly is the expansion of production was limited, the business cycle was elongated.Coal companies make a lot of money, but can not expand production, money can not spend, have become cash cows.It is worth noting that The H shares of Yankuang Energy and China Shenhua are significantly stronger than A shares, indicating that foreign capital is more optimistic about coal stocks than domestic capital.In the background of interest rate hikes by European and American central banks, this kind of high-dividend enterprise with good money is easy to be favored by institutions.Above these strong sideways industry, the future can walk out of the trend, depends on whether the market can stabilize, otherwise overlying the nest under how to finish the egg.When the market stabilizes, these strong industries are more likely to rise.It is often said that strong stocks cover losses.Fill fall is normal, if the market continues to hit, will inevitably.However, it is the institutions that are the last to cover the fall, which also illustrates the attitude.Imagine that I have two stocks, A and B, and now the market is not good. I want to sell one. Which one should I sell first?Must sell my least favorite A stock, so A stock fell first, weak.The market continues to be bad, forced to reduce positions, I will sell the most promising B stock, so B stock is strong first, then have to make up for the fall.So, even if strong stocks cover, it is the last of all industries to fall, has shown a good quality.In the broader market, every drop near 3350 in the past year has provided support, and this one is no exception.Recently, the main concern, the market can continue to rebound.Around the support level, should not be too pessimistic.Today, outside under a heavy snow, all white, let me think of Zhang Dai’s “Lake pavilion to see the snow”, to share with you: Chongzhen five December, I lived in the West Lake.After three days of heavy snow, the lake was silent.Is the day changed, I take a small boat, hold the cui clothing fire, alone to the lake pavilion to see snow.The rime hangs dang, the sky and clouds with mountains and water, up and down a white.The shadow on the lake, but a mark of the causeway, a little lake pavilion, and the boat a mustard, boat two or three people just.On the pavilion, there were two people sitting opposite each other on blankets. A boy was cooking wine and the stove was boiling.I was overjoyed and said, “How can there be more of him in the lake?”Pull yu drink together.More than three strong drink white and parting.Ask its surname, be jinling person, guest this.And getting off the boat, the mariner murmured, “Don’t say you are crazy for the duke, but more like one!”After three days of heavy snow, heaven and earth were silent, and all things were covered with obscurity.In such cold weather, everyone hunkered down at home, thinking, maybe only a fool would like to go out in the cold.At about eight o ‘clock in the evening, Zhang Dai, wearing only a soft sweater and carrying a fire, went to the pavilion in the middle of the lake by boat to enjoy the snow.”The rime hang dang, heaven and clouds with mountains and water, up and down a white.The shadow on the lake is only a mark on the causeway, a little pavilion in the middle of the lake, and the boat is a mustard, two or three people in the boat.”Really beautiful!In just a few words, a picture came out.But snow and ice, went to the West Lake to enjoy the snow, this mood, and how many people can understand?To borrow a passage from Bai Xianyong in the Lonely Seventeen years old: “One day, I went to the lake at dusk. The sky was covered with snow, and the lake was vast.Standing on the bank, I was suddenly touched by a strange feeling in my heart. That feeling, like sorrow or joy, was a kind of heaven and earth. In an instant, the chaotic scene of my heart became clear and clear.I feel a new man, and suddenly I have a lot of years in my heart.”I seem to see chongzhen five years December that night, alone to the lake pavilion to see the snow Zhang Dai.Next, Zhang Dai came to the pavilion in the middle of the lake. He found two people sitting opposite each other, covered with MATS. A boy was making wine, and the wine was boiling in the stove.They saw Zhang Dai, also very happy, can not think of him and his own mood of the same people.Originally water day one white, only causeway, boat and pavilion, did not expect to be able to meet in the lake pavilion after heavy snow and his own snow night, enjoy the boat snow fellow.Such a surprise, just like yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, pingmet, pour cover as before.Originally heaven and earth a lone guest, heart always have “alone person and know the world has snow” loneliness.But now someone connected with me, as if I had traveled so much in my life, met so many people, and finally felt understood.Zhang Dai and guests drink wine together, drink their farewell.When he was ready to get off the boat, the boatman muttered: don’t say crazy, more crazy like public.Some things, in the mind of the same people, is exquisite, when drinking, float to the light.And in the eyes of those who do not understand, they must think this person is crazy.Interestingly, zhang Dai met both bosom friends and others.He who is not crazy will not succeed.Crazy people say is not talk in a dream, but did not meet people can understand silly talk.This essay ends here, in fact, far from the end.Zhang Dai is the Ming Dynasty, is like Jia Baoyu, was born in the home of the bell and ding-dong, grow in the gentle south of the country, since childhood food and clothing, eat and drink without worry.At the age of 47, The Qing Army entered the pass, and Zhang Dai’s life changed dramatically.He gave up a rich life and lived in seclusion.Zhang Dai recalled the past to write this article, is after the Ming dynasty.The beginning of “Chongzhen five Years December”, inevitably let a person some sad.He lived in seclusion in the Siming mountains, clinging to poverty, but when people all over the world cut their braids and slowly forgot their homeland, the kind of loneliness and where can we understand!Zhang Dai does not want to meet a friend or two?He who is not crazy will not succeed.In the stock market, there is no need for this “crazy” spirit?Since ancient times, the more ambitious people are, the more lonely they feel.It’s like climbing a pyramid. The higher you go, the fewer people are in your dimension.They often have to experience a lonely time of being isolated and helpless, misunderstood or even ridiculed by others, just like walking alone in the darkness before dawn, patience and waiting in loneliness.Solitude in character and solitude in mind are two different things.Solitude belongs to the weak, while loneliness belongs to the strong.Neither was social, the former for fear of being hurt, the latter for spiritual transcendence.Good night ~ by: Moneylife1818