The Audi A5 is available for a limited time starting at 353,200 yuan

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Taizhou Aoxi Audi 4S shop is taizhou local Audi brand authorized dealers, “professional, noble, happy” for your service.Juhui non-stop, haoli send non-stop, welcome to taste ~ : into the store to enjoy the network customer exclusive price!To the store test drive can give a gift of Audi boutique!: Super long-term loans, low down payment low monthly, let you worry free car, free car!: the same product replacement designated models enjoy 4 years of unlimited mileage warranty, three routine maintenance, 20 maintenance of free original oil;Competitive product replacement can enjoy 20 maintenance free original oil!: one-stop service, buy a car license to pick up a car, save you more valuable time!: Old customers to introduce new customers and successful recommendation, can give a routine maintenance!Online calls, save time, enjoy the network privilege price, more surprises in Taizhou Aoxi Audi 4S shop!For more information, please click the button below.In the car, the 12.3-inch LCD dashboard is used as an infotainment system, while the 10.1-inch centrally controlled LCD screen displays exquisite luxury.The interior of the new car changes greatly, adopting the latest design style of audi family.Audi’s interior design has been praised, the new Audi A5 in the atmosphere of science and technology to create quite good.