The city’s production safety work conference zhang Hongwei attended and spoke

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On the morning of March 31, the city’s work safety conference was held, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Zhang Hongwei attended and spoke.Municipal standing committee, executive deputy mayor Shao Shiguan, deputy mayor Liu Hongtao, the city CPPCC vice Chairman Xu Chunmei, Liu Zongguo, Zaozhuang technician Institute president Yu Qing, municipal party members, secretary General Li Yusen, Zaokuang Group General manager Li Wen attended the meeting.The conference will be held in the form of video, set up in each district (city), Zaozhuang high-tech Zone.Before the meeting, the participants collectively listened to the national production safety teleconference.Zhang hongwei pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and workplace safety is grim and complex, and the more special time it is for all departments at all levels to keep a clear head and study practical and effective measures to resolutely curb the occurrence of various safety accidents.Current wants to combine as a whole, the epidemic prevention and control work deployment, quickly in the hidden perils in the city in a risk control, coal mine, the coal mine mountain, dangerous chemicals, transportation, construction, gas, fire and other key areas, the integrated use of enterprise comprehensive, special means such as law enforcement, remote information monitoring, comprehensive and detailed screening of various kinds of risks,Establish ledger, closed – loop regulation, dynamic sales number, effectively eliminate all kinds of risks in the bud.During the epidemic prevention and control period, it is necessary to strengthen safety inspections of quarantinable sites, designated hospitals for treatment, makeshift hospitals, containment communities and medical supplies supply units, and strictly implement the supervision system for listing hidden problems to ensure the safety of key parts of epidemic prevention.Zhang hongwei, stressed that to continue to work hard to wade education training and on raising the production and business operation entities from personnel of course of the comprehensive quality of production safety, strengthen safety skills training, strictly implement the “morning meeting” and production safety accident case analysis system, and put all production and business operation of the chain each link operation specification and safety points taught in place to prevent risks, resolutely put an end to violation behavior,We will comprehensively improve staff’s ability to identify risks, respond to accidents in an emergency manner, and help each other and each other, thus laying a solid foundation for essential safety.Zhang hongwei called on all levels and departments to take multiple measures to prevent and control forest fires, especially to strengthen the publicity and education of forest fire prevention during the Qingming Festival, and guide Party members and public officials to strictly abide by the rules of not participating in on-site sacrifices, so as to encourage the masses to place their condolences in a civilized way and effectively reduce fire risks.Fully implement the responsibility of “town street baoshan, village residents guarding the intersection, fire prevention personnel staring at the tomb” to help package, weave dense forest fire prevention grid, strictly prevent the occurrence of forest fire accidents.Fire rescue teams at all levels should always be in a state of imminent battle. Towns and streets in the city with mountains and forests should form forest fire prevention emergency teams to ensure quick response in case of emergencies and timely extinguish fire.Zhang hongwei, stressed that we will strictly implement the “three tube must be” requirement, improve the party “with the principal, a pair of responsibilities, manages concertedly, negligence liability” safety management mechanism, in accordance with the principle of “four pass” for violation behavior in check, supervise and urge enterprises pay special attention to the risk of hidden dangers rectification, determined to do “no safe production”.The system of leading officials on duty, 24-hour duty at key posts and special information reporting has been earnestly implemented to cement the city’s “double defense line” of epidemic prevention and control and production safety.Reporter Ren Xiang (Editor: Chen Jun, Editor: Li Xiaoqing)