Chen Qizhi: Mr. Qigong’s “Word Externality”

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Nowadays, calligraphers are engaged in creation, and almost all their efforts are focused on the skills of calligraphy itself.As for the writing content, it is very clear and easy to obtain, namely the transcription of ancient poetry.Sadly, some people even copy the wrong copy, the wrong words, the phenomenon of losing words occurs from time to time.This shows that they do not understand the ancient poems they transcribe, let alone write poems and articles of their own.It is an indisputable fact that the common literary accomplishment of calligrapher is poor.Mr. Qigong believes that no matter how good the character writing is, it is just a kind of self-cultivation, and the support of this kind of self-cultivation is profound knowledge of literature and history and various cultural cultivation.Mr. Himself, in addition to calligraphy in the world.Still working on the apricot altar, teaching classics all his life.In addition, he has made great achievements in the identification of cultural relics, ancient documents, ancient Chinese, poetry and rhyme, poetry creation, inscription and textual research, painting and calligraphy theory.With such extensive and profound accumulation of knowledge, Mr. Qigong is certainly a model in the calligrapher circle.In Mr. Qigong’s calligraphy works, there are a large number of self-composed poems.At the beginning of the last century, when I was studying in my Alma mater, Beijing Normal University, Mr. Qigong gave me a calligraphy work of a poem written by himself: “A poet from thousands of years has been banished from the white Emperor’s colorful clouds, the Yellow River carries mud and water, and the taibai legacy chapter is read completely.”It was signed “Comrade Qizhi two Zheng”.Zheng, is modest word, two regular refers to the calligraphy and content of two aspects.In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s my advice.Because I study is the ancient Chinese literature, li bai as a literary history’s greatest poets, inevitably is the research focus, the poem is telling me, astronomers have the objective evaluation of the ancient, not blindly superstition, should be divided into two parts, such as the Yellow River water, both the mammoth, major, and into the sediment, cannot be ignored.Even for the immortal poet Li Bai.As a gift, I have not only received precious calligraphy works, but also learned from them the gateway and true meaning of literature research.Or one day in the 1980 s, Mr Qi gong was invited to lecture at the Beijing film academy, and on the writing of the tang dynasty poet Wang Zhihuan “liangzhou word” the first sentence is written in the sand between straight on the clouds, to the last sentence is written as “spring is not degree yumenguan” again, the audience confused glances, Mr Qi gong explains:”Wangzhhuan’s first sentence is wrong” — if it is the Yellow River, there will be water, there will be water, there will be vegetation, there will be vegetation, people will not blame willows, the spring breeze will pass yumen pass.Since there is no above everything, it should be “spring light” rather than “spring breeze”.Therefore, only when the Yellow River disappears and the yellow sand is long, can the desert at the border be fully reflected….To question the works of famous ancient poets like Mr. Qigong requires not only courage, but more importantly, profound education and unique insights that are beyond doubt.Is it possible for someone who knows only the art of writing, who knows only transcribing?Mr Qi gong in a special feature about the “rusheng characters” speak, wang wei’s poem “love”, is analyzed from the first sentence of “red bean was born austral” “country” word is rusheng characters, the third sentence “gather more persuaded king”, (poets “wan song tang poetry rhyme”, “gather” and “gather” ‘two versions handed down from ancient times), argues Mr “gather” “more” word wrong,Should be “Hugh gather”, because the red bean is the son of acacia, send affection of things, it should be double care, can gaze at or used for caresses, to read acacia people.If it is “gather many”, it is to tear open two beans, separated two people, this is very cruel.And with the word “Hugh” against the pain of leaving, the technique is higher…From the above examples, we can see that Mr. Qigong was not only thoroughly familiar with the Chinese classical literature, but also able to analyze its advantages and disadvantages, and more importantly, to question its shortcomings, with such skills that no one at that time could match them.Historically, calligraphy was only the “spare work” of the literati, and Mr. Qigong did the “spare work” perfectly.The enlightenment to us is that only by constantly enhancing literary cultivation and integrating into writing can there be real meaning of calligraphy at all.Originally published in Today Evening Post