Deborah and 2 husband party, kiss her ex-husband Xie Xian in public, intimate performance does not avoid suspicion

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On February 20, According to Hong Kong media reports, the reporter took a picture of Nicholas Tse’s old mother Deborah and her two husbands having dinner, she also kissed and hugged her ex-husband Xie Xian.On the same day, a group of people appeared in a restaurant in the mall, Xie Xian dressed in black, wearing sunglasses on his face, and with long hair properly taken care of, is very stylish.Last year, Xie was photographed walking with crutches and nearly falling down stairs.For this appearance, the 85-year-old was in much better shape than he had been before.Xie Xian has been in the business for more than half a century and has made more than 190 films and TV series, but has little luck winning awards.Unexpectedly, as an octogenarian, he was awarded the Best Actor award by the Film Critics Society.In the academy Award nominations just announced, he is one of the top five best actor nominees, competing against other powerful male stars such as Lam Ka-tung and Wu Chen-yu.Sitting beside Xie Xian middle – aged woman, it is “pull gu” Deborah.Now 70 years old, she is not a bit old, wearing a pink dress and a rose hair band, dressed like a girl.During that time, she expertly helped Xie Xian order food, clearly aware of his taste.After ordering, Deborah’s current husband, Chiang Yiu-cheng, who had been sitting at a different table, moved to his wife and sat next to Xie xian.There was no awkwardness between the two, but they chatted happily and got on well with each other.Chiang yiu-cheng points to his clothes from time to time, wondering if he is talking about fashion.After everyone finished eating, Xie Xian left the table first, and everyone took a group photo with him.Perhaps fearing he might fall, Deborah kept her eyes on him, took his arm and helped him put on his mask.Before Xie Xian left, Deborah hugged and kissed each other on the cheek in public, showing a very intimate, not avoiding suspicion.In fact, although Dipola is divorced with Xie Xian for many years, but maintaining good relations all the time, the feeling of two people has been sublimated for relatives from lover.Deborah kissed Xie Xian more than once in public, even in front of Chiang Yiu-cheng.Jiang yaocheng seemed accustomed to it and looked indifferent.As Tse worked in the mainland for a long time, Xie Tingting has emigrated, and neither of them can be with their parents.Age grows gradually Xie Xian, a person lives in so large villa, feel lonely.As soon as the Depollas are free, they ask him out.During the Spring Festival, the three went to a party together and had a lot of fun.Say, Xie Xian and another ex-wife Zhen Zhen, feelings are also very good, a few years ago also spread that they want to compound.Although it turned out to be only an error, but enough to see divorce for many years of the two, no bad feelings.Xie Xian can with 2 ex-wife place so good, presumably he treats people, have their own set.