“Spring Festival walk grassroots” Ruichang: Spring Festival does not stop the project construction busy

2022-06-19 0 By

Jiujiang news dispatch (Xiong Yukang Hai-peng wang Jiujiang daily reporters Talk about macro) on February 3, annual grade, this is a good time to go visiting friends and relatives, family reunion, and in ruichang city TieDong road project construction site, the workers take the initiative to give up the opportunity with their family, during the Spring Festival to a line, seize the construction period, in the New Year “acceleration” ran out of the project construction.At the construction site of the project, all the machinery and equipment came into the site for earthwork leveling and other work, and the construction personnel were busy laying out lines and making spots. The site was busy with a busy scene in full swing.The road has a total length of 1,164.8 meters and is planned as an urban trunk road. It has 4 lanes in both directions and is asphalt pavement with a design speed of 40 kilometers per hour.The project is divided into two sections, one of which is 702.3 meters long and 30 meters wide, and the other is 462.5 meters long and 24 meters wide. The whole road is scheduled to be completed by September 30 this year.Temporal construction engineer He Xianghui introduction, temporal construction in strict accordance with the municipal party committee, municipal government during the Spring Festival is not shutdown deployment requirements, practice of “open lead, green demonstration, strong industrial city, work top development strategy, annual grade activated in ruichang city TieDong road project construction, grasp progress, guaranteed quality, contributing to ruichang city high quality development construction strength.After the completion of the project will further expand the urban traffic microcirculation, convenient for the city residents to travel, improve the surrounding community municipal supporting facilities.