The brother-in-law bought a car for his sister-in-law, but the sister didn’t want to give it and kicked her out of her hotel supervisor position

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In life, it is normal for parents to buy things for their children, older brothers to buy things for younger brothers, and older sisters to buy things for younger sisters. So, what if the brother-in-law buys things for his sister-in-law?Youzhi and Heju husband and wife are originally a pair of vegetable traders, dry for many years to make a sum of money, they turned to the city to open a modest hotel.Open a hotel is about to ask a waiter, the couple discuss, the decision faces the society to recruit a batch of waiter, the younger sister he Li that lets He Ju becomes a small head, manage these waiter.Heli is young and beautiful, with cultural management. The waiters are conscientious and popular with customers. The hotel’s business is booming, and youzhi has made a lot of money in several years.One day, Heli said to Youzhi, brother, you have made a lot of money in this hotel, and I have contributed a lot to it. You should buy me a car as a reward!Have ambition to think, he Li is responsible for work at ordinary times, but also his sister son, he promised to come down.Soon, youzhi really fulfilled the promise, bought a beautiful car for Heli, Heli happy bad, usually have nothing to drive the car to play.He Ju see you want to buy a car for his sister Heli, and sometimes drive out to play with Heli, the in the mind is very unhappy.One day, she said to Holly, You’re no longer old. You can’t keep working in my hotel. Go home!Holly says: I did a good job at the hotel, why let me go?He Ju says: You are no longer needed in the hotel!Heli see sister resolutely don’t own, angry to get on the car to go, He Ju said: the car is your brother-in-law to buy, can’t drive away the car!Holly says: I’ve been working in a hotel for years with no merit and hard work, and this car is my unemployment payment even if you let me go!Holly disobeyed her sister and forced the car away.After Heli left, his sister Heli ju personally assumed the role of heli had been in charge.In this regard, people say he Ju narrow-minded, stingy, do you think?