Walk into the Western Movie studio of Zhenbeibao, feel the familiar movie scenes and review the classics

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Although the town north west film studio belongs to a man-made landscape, but it can well interpret the “desert smoke straight, long river falls yen” unique scene.When you place oneself among them, can feel the familiar movie scene, in here, you can find Xu Ling home, there are nine and spectacular successes in the living room, you can even find the gate inn in inn, in just one will also be able to see a Chinese Odyssey, etc., to relive those classic movie scene, scene, as if fuse with the characters in the film,It’s very inspiring.The bird’s eye view of the movie city in the north and west of the town is mainly composed of three parts, namely Qingcheng, Mingcheng and old Yinchuan Street. The tour sequence is also centered on Qingcheng, gradually extending to Mingcheng, and finally, to the old Yinchuan street.When you arrive at the gate of the scenic spot, looking around, you can clearly see a famous saying of Mr. Zhang Xianliang, “Walking is reading, traveling can broaden your knowledge”, which benefits people a lot.When you enter the scenic spot, if you want to know how many movies have been shot here, then you might as well walk through the movie corridor, in the movie corridor, you can see many pictures of movies you have seen or not seen, it is eye-opening.Town north west film and television city came to the city of Qing dynasty, must punch the place there are gates, Embroidery building, cow devil palace and pansilk cave.Personally, every time I come to Qingcheng, a saying always echoes in my ears: “If I wear the tight band, I can’t love you; if I put the tight band down, I can’t save you”. Is this not us in life?Then, we went to the old Yinchuan street, which reproduces the old shops and streets in those days. When tourists come here, they can enjoy the old appearance of Yinchuan in a three-dimensional way, and understand the history, culture and folk customs at that time.Finally, we went to the Ming City, after coming here, the first thing you see is the place where the Tang Priest was tied up in the Journey to the West, as well as the Longmen Inn and red Sorghum and other filming places, so that people have a feeling through the play.Town north west film city personal feeling, give a person the deepest impression has the following several places, first of all is the big talk clear city, the pattern of facial makeup door is zixia jumped into the classic scene of the heart of the treasure, go here, the big talk West scene leap in front of the eyes, here is the movie in the bride’s embroidery floor, and the cow house in the back garden of a sword.Secondly, there are also the distinctive photography scenes of Qingcheng, which also provide many novel choices for tourists who like to take photos.After that, I wandered the Ming City, where there is a strong northwest style scene, vigorous and simple, vicissitudes of a hundred years, such as red sorghum and new Longmen Inn and other classic works, have been shot here.Finally, the old Yinchuan street, in the last century to feel the old Yinchuan plain and quiet, as if through the feeling.Want to know more wonderful content, quick to pay attention to the moon inside what big beauty Lijiang River, cruise, tour “The Journey of Flower” filming site, feel quiet idyllic life, full view of the charming scenery visit Weizhou Island, feel unique primitive and natural, enjoy the unspeakable scenery