XYG3:0TTG: What happened to guangzhou TTG?Miss lovecd!

2022-06-19 0 By

Congratulations XYG won two consecutive wins in group S and defeated Guangzhou TTG 3-0, although coach Glucose just left, but the state of guangzhou TTG is not so good compared with the team that changed coach at the beginning of the season!It is worth asking: what happened to GUANGZHOU TTG?The second tower was dropped, and the high ground was dropped. Is this TTG?Is this the S team?Would A group A or B team give up high ground like that?Big Joe is not good, practice, this is no problem, but big Joe system to choose crazy fight, I’m afraid only one!When facing lian Po, is ice dust patted have psychological shadow?Is the wave on the high grass afraid to enter the circle?Advantage of the bureau continued to drop points, the opposite two waves of premeditated group war, directly TTG17 minutes or so the advantage of the suppression caused by the economic difference to make up!Broke the opposite three road highland, and three road super soldiers on the attack crystal, Aguduo lineup choice open dragon King, this is the opposite without breaking points, you hard send it?You’re going to steal the highlands all by yourself, right?Are you still living to grab XYG dragon in the fall?Don’t understand?Although the LOVECD has gone, Kear is still in operation and in the late stage. Isn’t kear good at the rhythm?Have you forgotten everything you learned in 2021?Maybe Kear is too good-natured to support this family without the LOVECD!”Sanya one Year” is ridiculed, but it is a proof of real strength, don’t you know how many teams behind you want this runner-up?But after three straight losses to start the spring season, is this another trip to group A?I don’t understand why TTG often has so called labor pains!Today’s Guangzhou TTG is good at operation or fighting rhythm?In fact, we have neither!Does TTG have any hope of staying in group S after losing three in a row?Maybe retreat to group A temper is also good, the first game opposite double front row, you have scraping yuan Ge and Aileen;The second bureau BP opposite a can not be sanctioned Lu Bu;In the third set, you just want to play the line advantage, why always leave a hole?I really miss lovECD for the NTH day!