Xintian: Take multiple measures to do a solid job in forest fire prevention

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Xintian: Multiple measures to do a solid job in forest fire prevention rednet moment news April 6 (correspondent Dengti MAO Fan Jiatang Liu Ying) recently the weather is hot, wind and rain dry, Xintian County forest fire risk level increased to the highest level of level 5, the forest fire prevention situation is grim.SAN tin county measures and more solid completes the forest fire prevention work, increase the intensity of forest work, go all out to do a good job of forest fire, on April 5, which was a forest fire teams to a line to the gate house under supervision inspection milford forest fire prevention work, and spot checks the forest fire prevention materials equipment, the GaiXiang current fire prevention work and put forward the higher requirements for sure.In view of the unfavorable fire prevention situation of the current drought and wind, as well as the severe situation of the sudden increase of fire in the field around the Qingming Festival and the increasing fire prevention pressure, the supervision group requires that responsibility consciousness should be strengthened, fire prevention measures should be compacted, close cooperation should be taken actively.First, all staff are on duty.Rural two-level forest rangers, forest fire prevention and control staff cancelled vacations, all posts.Second, the guarantee responsibility should be fully implemented.Strictly implement the township leadership package, cadres package village, village cadres package household, forest protection package mountain responsibility system.Third, emergency preparedness should be in place.Township fire fighting team not less than 30 people, to stand by the front.Fourth, patrol security card in place.Key areas set up checkpoints, patrol forces as required to carry out forest fire prevention patrol, give full play to the functions of forest rangers, villages ring broadcast forest fire prevention content.(Deng Ti, MAO Fan, Jiatang Liu Ying)