62-year-old He Jiajin when the boss is so rich!On the first day of construction, employees lined up to get red envelopes

2022-06-20 0 By

On February 9, He jiajin posted his first day of work in the factory on his social media platform.In the video, He Jiajin wearing sunglasses, wearing a baseball cap wearing a black and white tracksuit, wearing very simple and simple, in front of the camera to shoot a short video of him, is very full of spirit, there is no excess wrinkles on his face, there is no middle-aged fatigue.When he’s on the first day of work, standing in front of their own factories send employees to a red envelope, as a boss, he is very grounding, personally to the staff hair red envelopes, on the one hand, a very heroic, employees while everyone wore masks could not see the expression on her face, but cannot hide the smiling eyes, also can see they are very happy, in line to get excited,But there is no more surprise for the boss’s move, it can be seen that He Jiajin is not the first time to employees so bold.Internet users after the red envelopes full of cash to see Alan move, have also expressed their envy, some netizens say “I also to you that work” “I want to go to also have no” have the identity of the net friend of Alan said “really want to go there to work, just to see I like my childhood idol, but more netizens on the blessing of Alan factory of money into the business.Before that, He Jiajin as a boss, but also personally appeared in the factory workshop, he introduced and showed the process and technology of the factory production products to the netizens, after the production of the finished product is exquisite packaging, it can be seen that He Jiajin for his factory is very concerned and understanding, after entering the workshop is not unfamiliar.I wish he jiajin a better and better career in the factory, and I hope he can continue to bring excellent works to the public as an actor.Picture source network, such as infringement, contact deletion.