City hot search first!A school playground in Shenzhen changes into a “sun by the field” to send you the warmest back-to-school feeling

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It was a perfect April day.On the playground of Guangdong Experimental High School Shenzhen School (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen School of Guangdong Province”), neat rows of quilts enjoy the sunshine bath, emitting a “warm heart” atmosphere, becoming a unique scenery line.On April 8, the topic on shenzhen Evening News’ official weibo became the most searched topic in the city.Related topics on the official weibo of Shenzhen Evening News topped the list of hottest searches in the city.Recently, in order to enable senior one students to cover themselves with sunlight-smelling quilts when they return to school, 30 property management staff and life teachers spent two days drying the quilts for the students.It is reported that the school will recruit its first class of students from Shenzhen in 2021.During the Qingming Festival, school life teachers in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, cleaned the railing and balcony of their dormitory and dried more than 180 beds of bedding.Due to the limited space of the dormitory, under the overall planning of the Student affairs Office and the General Affairs Office, the property management staff spent more than 3 hours to move the desks and chairs of the classroom to the playground that evening.Meanwhile, the life teacher spent more than four hours putting name stickers on each quilt, mattress and pillow to prevent confusion between the students’ bedding.Students dry quilts at Guangdong Experimental High School in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province, April 5, 2019.On April 5, 8 teachers, 11 life teachers, 7 cleaning staff and 4 security guards were dispatched to help students dry 352 quilts, 347 mattresses, 186 MATS and 352 pillows.Sheets of bedding lined up along the runway, neatly accepted the baptism of the sun, became the most beautiful picture in this spring.Students and parents praised the school’s heart-warming gesture, saying it was “filled with love and emotion” and “brought to tears by the beautiful scenery”.Netizens said ✦ concludes | shenzhen evening news reporter Wang yu