Old photos of late Qing Dynasty: women with small feet bound in cloth, the wheels of ox carts are higher than people, beggars catch lice

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These old photos are of two bearers resting on the side of the road.It was a palanquin carried by two people, and it was very simple, like a chair with a ceiling.The sedan chair should be less comfortable than one carried by four people.Did you notice that?The two bearers were wearing straw sandals, and it seemed that the job of carrying the sedan chair could only sustain life.A unicycle on the road.We don’t know what this wheelbarrow is carrying, but the load must be heavy.You see, this unicycle, not only a man behind the cart in the cart, there are four strong men in front of the cart.Children at play.Two children are carrying a shoulder pole, and a child is holding the shoulder pole between his feet and playing handstand. A shoulder pole can play so happily. This photo is full of childlike innocence and childlike interest.At that time, the children did not have many toys, but many items to play, they generally use local materials to play, a stick, a stone……Can have fun.Men at dinner.There was a wooden table covered with dishes, and looking at the dishes on the table, it was not a low level meal.Four men sitting around a wooden table, looking at the way they dress, this is not the ordinary people of that time.You know, many people at that time even food and clothing was a problem, where to eat such sumptuous dishes.Prisoners on the streets.The prisoner’s feet and neck were tied with chains connected to the large iron post he held in his hand.This great iron pillar, like a painted prison, holds the prisoner in place.There are a lot of people around here, they are here to join in the fun, but when they see the camera, many people stare at the camera curiously.A woman with small feet sitting on a stool, who is now binding her feet.This woman wears luxuriant dress, the carpet laid on the ground of this house, the tea table on the edge is also very exquisite, the small clock furnished above the tea table is also a novelty at that time, from these can see this woman should be the female relatives of a big family.Beggars picking lice.The two beggars were dressed in tattered and dirty clothes, their legs were almost bare, and their bare feet were wearing a pair of ragged straw sandals.One of the beggars squatted in a corner with his head down. The other one bent down and looked through his hair carefully, trying to get lice from it.Nowadays, when it comes to lice, many people probably don’t know what they are.But sanitation was poor and lice were common.An ox cart on a country road.The wheel of this ox-cart was so large that the woman on the side could serve as a reference, and the diameter of the wheel was higher than that of the woman on the side.What kind of thing does a car with such big wheels carry?Can an ox be pulled?