Platform ecological organization, to create customer-centered open resource coordination system

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With the rapid development of information technology, economic development and social and cultural life are becoming increasingly diversified.Organization management, as a leader, sets goals, integrates teams, ADAPTS to changes in market situation, and improves organizational performance. In order to adapt to changes in internal and external environment, organizations determine appropriate organizational strategies based on goals, and platform-based ecological organizations emerge in the form of organizations.Platform ecological organization is the product of Internet +. Platform organization is the main organization form in Internet + era.It has undergone a comprehensive and fundamental change with the traditional organizational structure.In order to achieve customer satisfaction and improve business efficiency, the platform ecological organization systematically and comprehensively integrates the cooperation resources of all parties, and transforms the internal and external resources and business function modules into the organizational form of front, middle and background as the basic mode.A core of the platform organization: the all-round three-dimensional customer-centered, all for the purpose of serving customers and improving customer satisfaction.Platform organization integrates internal and external resources to form an ecosystem organizational structure. Three platforms are interconnected, market-driven, resource-sharing, pre-management, and efficient integration of resources, so as to provide customers with excellent and high-quality services in an all-round way.Front Desk: Front desk is market research, project services, and all kinds of ecosystem business units that are closely related to customers.The front desk has direct contact with the market and has higher initiative and strong efficiency consciousness in order to adapt to market changes.Middle platform: As the middle layer, the middle platform consists of four parts, namely customer middle platform, business middle platform, technology middle platform and data middle platform.As the support and integration department of the front desk, the middle Desk focuses on handling customers’ comments and suggestions on products and services, so as to facilitate the timely transfer of information to the background for resource allocation and rapid response to the front desk.The construction of platform ecological organization, with information technology as the key support, improves the operation efficiency and rapid response of management through ERP/EHR and OA system electronic tools.As an internal business operation, the business part communicates with external business, connects customers and technologies, and supports the efficient operation of the front desk by collecting and analyzing various data.The data part is based on all kinds of daily operation reports and production, supply and marketing data. All kinds of data generated in the process of system implementation and process operation are analyzed by information software and technical experts to form a management closed loop and provide efficient data support for business decisions.Background: The background part, as the rear of management functions, including internal control and audit, human resources, supply chain management, shared service center.The backstage provides management services, supervision and audit, production, supply and marketing, and sharing service functions for the center and the front desk.The corresponding departments at all levels of the background are: financial Department, audit department, Legal Department, human Resources Department, procurement department, administrative service center, etc.The external resources connected by the background are the resource suppliers of all parties, and the supplier system is integrated to form an open, efficient and resource-coordinated operation.Platform organization, as an organization “pulled” by user demand, forms a mechanism of “linkage of three platforms and resource sharing”.The power of the organization comes from the front desk projects that directly contact users. The front desk pulls the middle desk, and the middle desk pulls the back desk.The back office supports the middle office and the middle office supports the front office.Platform type ecological organizational change and value creation platform type ecological organization, based on the information technology of the Internet, operational data as the main parameter, the front desk as market forefront, docking and service customers, the interactive operation, layers of management support, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the managers at all levels and the operator and innovative.The transformation of platform organization.Customer service and internal operation ideas should be the first to lead.Establish profit distribution plan, through market research and training, improve front office service, middle organization and back office service capability.Secondly, through the reform of operation and management system and process, the implementation of internal reform, the promotion of technology-centered organizational reform, through the construction of communication platforms and channels to form a comprehensive communication system to reduce costs and improve efficiency.Finally, an efficient operation team is formed by building an ecological organization circle layer and sharing resources.Platform-based organizations provide a resource support platform through an open and sharing mechanism, and give front-line employees the right of personnel and distribution, so that they can organize and allocate corresponding resources through flexible project operation forms, and provide customers with faster and better solutions.To sum up, the enterprise implements the platform organization to empower the front desk and eliminate the bureaucracy dominated by the control of the back desk. All departments, teams and employees operate independently and efficiently around the needs of users to create greater value.Author: Guo Chaogang, founder of Qizhe, visiting professor of Chinese Academy of Management, senior human resource manager.If you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Guo Chaogang’s talk about management staff sergeant, the application of the three principles in enterprise management and value management practice: Excellent managers focus on doing important but not urgent things by taking the method from the top, and only get the middle;The method is taken in the middle, so it is below