Staying at home is also contributing to the fight against the epidemic!Xie Fuliang on The Analects of Confucius

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In the original text, Confucius said, “Is not Zi Xi in government?”The Master said, “The Book of Books says, ‘Filial piety is only filial piety.’Is it also politics? Is it politics?”(Chapter 21 of “The Analects of Confucius · Wei Zheng”) Xie Fuliang briefly explained what this chapter is about.Basically, someone said to Confucius, “Why don’t you get involved in politics?”The Master said, “The Book of History says, ‘Filial piety!Show filial piety to your parents and fraternize with your brothers.’This is participating in politics. Why do you have to be an official to qualify as participating in politics?”Before expanding the interpretation, divide into five groups and briefly explain the words in the original text.One is xi, pronounced “X ī”, why, why.Second, political, political participation, participation in politics.Third, the Book of History refers to the Book of History.It is generally believed that “filial piety is only filial piety, friends for brothers, and shi for political affairs” is the original text of The Shang Shu. The author of the pseudo Ancient Wen Shang Shu adopted it in Jun Chen. According to li Min and Wang Jian’s Shang Shu in Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, the relevant content is: “Only filial piety is only for brothers, and Shi for political affairs.”This expression is different from the one used by Confucius, but it conveys the same meaning.Fourth, friends, dear, friendly.Fifth, shi, there are two kinds of understanding, one is understood as “execution”, pronounced as “shī”;The other is to read as “extended” and read as “yi”.In my opinion, according to the context of this passage, Confucius did not go out to become an official, but only spread filial piety to the wider world and affected politics, so the latter is more appropriate.So what to make of this chapter?According to the Commentary of The Day, in the early years of the Duke of Lu Ding, Confucius was unwilling to become an official because the Yang Tiger (or “Yang huo”) caused chaos due to ji’s monopolization of power. Even if he did become an official, he would have done nothing.Therefore, some people ask why Confucius did not participate in politics?Another reason for this question was that he knew the heart of Confucius and hoped very much to become an official.At this time, The wisdom of Confucius to solve the “sharp problem” came out, its magnifying pattern, standing in the perspective of influencing the world, quoting a sentence from the Book of History, “filial piety is only filial, friends in the brothers, applied to have politics”, and then gave a definitive judgment, the fashion of filial piety extended to politics, is to participate in politics.Confucius was right, admirable, and still true today.Politics is about order. Once a family values filial piety and achieves it, there will be order in the family. If all the families follow suit and strive to do the same, then, as the popular song “The Nation” goes, “The family is the smallest state and the nation is a million,” there will naturally be order in the country.This is the way of cultivating one’s morality, bringing the family together before running the country, and bringing peace to the world.It is recorded in the Analects of Confucius, “Ji Kangzi asked Confucius about government, and Confucius said to him, ‘A ruler is a ruler.Son shuai with positive, which dare not straight?'” In other words, Ji Kangzi asked Confucius for advice on the way to govern. Confucius replied, “Government is right. You lead the way.What is the right way to go?The most important thing is to grasp the essence of being human.It is recorded in the Analects of Confucius: “The Master said, ‘He is also filial to his younger brother.Not guilty, and good troublemakers, not have also.A gentleman is a man of principle.Filial piety brother also, it is the essence of benevolence and!'” This sentence illustrates clearly the essence of being a man and shows the importance of filial piety to the state. That is, if one person acts in filial piety, he will not commit insurance.If all people act in this way, the national peace will be greatly guaranteed.Returning to the question of Confucius, how can we call it “right” when the Ji family monopolizes power and the Yang Tiger makes trouble?In this case, Confucius had to practice filial piety at home, to be a good example, passed on ten, ten hundred, but also to ensure that “integrity” on the basis of participation in politics!It is not a very appropriate analogy, just like the current fight against COVID-19. Although we are not medical personnel, if we stay at home honestly and do not run around, if we have to go out, we wear masks and wash our hands carefully when we go home, we are also contributing to the fight against COVID-19!After all, medical resources are always limited, and one less infection can ease some of the burden.For another example, I wanted to do something for education, so I founded the Academy of Traditional Chinese studies and arranged time to interpret the Analects of Confucius. Although I am not a teacher in the school, I have influenced children to some extent and given them some insignificant inspiration and help in the five years since the formal opening of the class.In this sense, I am also involved in education.Of course, as the “sage of the time”, Confucius’s idea of “applying to the government” was adjusted later, and he was directly appointed as an official. Duke Ding of Lu entrusted him with important responsibilities. Confucius also achieved remarkable political achievements, which directly demonstrated his ruling ability.The world is always changing. “If I take a few years to learn the Book of Changes in 50 years, I will be able to achieve nothing more.” This exclamation of Confucius may contain the changes in his thoughts after going through hundreds of twists and turns.