What is the EU’s “strategic Compass”?

2022-06-20 0 By

Security and Defense: What is the EU’s “strategic compass”?”By Brian Tobron.The Russia-Ukraine conflict was a major shock to the old continent.In the face of this and many other threats, the “strategic compass” approved by Europe’s defence and foreign ministers on March 21st calls for the EU to complement NATO with its own response.”Our analysis of global threats clearly shows that Europe is in danger.”Josep Borrelli, the EU’s high Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, made this explicit assertion just days before presenting the first version of his “strategic compass” to European ministers in mid-November 2021.Why should the EU have a “strategic compass”?The previous security and defence roadmap, known as the Global Strategy, began in 2016.Great changes have taken place in the international situation in more than five years.Several factors are undermining Europe’s standing in the world: its share of the global economy and population is declining;Its influence is being challenged by a growing number of major powers.The challenge is particularly evident on the eastern side of the continent, close to the EU, where Russia and Turkey are trying to assert themselves.Some state or non-state actors are increasingly using so-called hybrid technologies (cyber attacks, disinformation, etc.) to undermine European interests.