Xiaoxiang Street: Spring Festival safety and epidemic prevention “not closed”

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In the face of a large number of personnel flow before the Spring Festival, safety production and epidemic prevention and control work in severe challenges, xiaoxiang street always adheres to the concept and practice to the development of the people as the center, actively organized epidemic prevention and control and safety in production work, pays special attention to the festival to build solid build epidemic prevention and control of defense, keep good hold on safety in production line, ensure that the people feel peaceful celebrating the New Year.Strengthen the defense line for epidemic prevention and control.In the face of the complex situation of COVID-19, Xiaoxiang Street has always adhered to the strict prevention of imported people, objects and the environment.Carry all kinds of risk screening, monitoring, registration, disposal, compaction “four responsibilities”, carry out the “four early”, requirement, strengthen the village (community) epidemic prevention and control, set up in the street party and government leadership packages to the village (community), party members and cadres packages to the household responsibility system for grid of epidemic prevention and control packages, establish village (community) epidemic prevention and control work leading group, implementation plan and emergency plan,We will be relentless in epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, special teams for epidemic prevention and control emergency response have been formed by people from the streets, the emergency duty system and the reporting system of important emergency information have been formulated, and the working system of special teams has been implemented. The personnel on duty are on duty 24 hours a day, and mobile phones are kept unblocked 24 hours a day, so that emergency situations can be handled in a timely manner.Strengthen node control.During the Spring Festival, Xiaoxiang Street further strengthened control, reduced the flow and gathering of people during the festival, advocated local holidays, as much as possible off-peak travel, as much as possible to avoid the peak around the Spring Festival holiday, and as much as possible to avoid visiting high-risk areas in China.Large-scale festival activities will not be held in the area under its jurisdiction. In accordance with the principle of “whoever holds the event is responsible for it”, various large-scale activities will be strictly controlled and “wedding events should be delayed, funerals should be reduced and banquets should not be held”.Reduce the scale and frequency of community and rural fairs and control the flow of people;Prevention and control plans should be formulated for events with more than 50 people, and no more than 10 people are encouraged to attend family gatherings. Catering units hosting banquets with more than 5 tables should strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control work.Individuals hosting banquets with more than five tables by themselves are required to report to local neighborhood committees or village committees to implement local epidemic prevention and control regulations.We will strengthen control of key issues.In accordance with the principles of “local management” and “who is in charge” and “who is in charge”, key places and units in public places (operating entities) are urged to fulfill the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.Xiaoxiang strictly controls the village (community), group entrance and exit, entry and exit personnel, vehicles strictly implement registration, scan code, temperature measurement, wearing masks;Urge pharmacies of the jurisdiction to strictly implement the real-name registration of drugs with “two refunds and one resistance”;Regular inspections of epidemic prevention and control work were carried out, and units failing to implement policies were notified and rectification measures were taken, such as suspension of business for rectification.Strict prevention and control of the epidemic in transportation requires the organization of Spring Festival travel, strict management of the entry of migrants, and effective screening, registration and control of migrants;Village group, community, hotel, hotel and other key places to establish key personnel registration ledger, accurate tracking, timely grasp the masses of the area;Measures to disinfect and ventilation key places, register information, and set up quarantine areas have been implemented in detail, and routine health monitoring for front-line personnel and weekly nucleic acid testing for key personnel have been organized.We will keep to the bottom line of production safety and strictly implement all parties’ responsibilities to ensure production safety.To consolidate the “tripartite responsibility” for production safety, assign the responsibility to key leaders, leaders in charge, linked leaders, functional departments, secretaries (directors) of villages (communities), and village (residents) group leaders.Strictly implement the “party and government with the principal, a pair of responsibilities, manages concertedly, negligence liability” and “pipe industry must pipe security, business must pipe safety, production must tube safety” requirements, focus on supermarkets, entertainment venues, the farmer’s market, woodland and other places of key safety regulation, increased during the Spring Festival transportation illegal operation of motor vehicles and road traffic management regulation,We will strengthen the screening of potential conflicts, resolutely manage and control risks in front of potential problems, and resolutely prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents, so as to ensure that work safety throughout the industry continues to be stable during the Spring Festival.Strengthen the investigation of risks and hidden dangers, and resolve safety production risks.In early December last year, the streets of the Spring Festival safety investigation and governance work made the overall deployment, detailed investigation and governance rules, requiring all departments to do a good job of daily inspection and routine inspection, and according to the changes and the arrangement of the superior to carry out “Spring Festival safety production inspection”, “forest fire prevention” and other special safety inspection.It emphasizes timely reporting the hidden danger of accidents, implementing the handling measures and feeding back the handling results as required.First, the street continued to the area of forest fire prevention, dangerous chemicals business unit, fireworks, road traffic, construction, schools, food and drug, special equipment, geological disasters, the rural fire, crowded places, agricultural machinery and other industries (domain) the ranger, grid member 300 screening of all,In some key fire risk areas, special personnel are assigned to control and protect them, further consolidating responsibilities, and striving to form all work safety supervision areas with no dead spots, so as to ensure that no work safety accidents occur.Inspection of the existence of security risks, problems found in time to issue a rectification list, the general hidden dangers found while checking and changing, check and change, that is, know that change.Since the beginning of this year, a total of more than 160 inspections of all kinds of enterprises (units), all kinds of hidden dangers 16, issued a deadline for rectification of the responsibility of 16, rectification in place 16;The closed-loop management of hidden dangers in the district is realized to ensure the continuous stability of the situation of safe production in the streets.Do a good job of publicity and guidance, play safety production publicity and education sound.Xiaoxiang insist on the street publicity and education as the important measures to grasp the source of production safety, at the same time, combining the reality of grass-roots work, integration and use of all resources, through the hanging banners and “coverage rang way” to the masses, all-round production safety related laws and regulations, true through “the last kilometer” production safety knowledge propaganda.Since this year, the street organization personnel into the village household issued more than 20,000 copies of fire propaganda notice, to the area of 2 fireworks dealers and 34 large stores, supermarkets to achieve the “fireworks safety notice” full coverage, in the main sections of the fire flag and more than 160 propaganda slogans,The rural loudspeaker and small loudspeaker were used to broadcast fire prevention and control regulations more than 3,300 times in the morning and evening, mobile publicity vehicles were used to publicize safety production regulations 600 times, and LED electronic display screens were used to broadcast more than 500 safety production slogans from time to time, and more than 1,000 people were consulted by the masses.Earnestly do a good job in the safety prevention work, so that the consciousness of safety production is deeply rooted in the people, so that “household name, everyone knows”, to ensure that xiaoxiang safety situation is stable and controllable, area residents can celebrate the Spring Festival.Text and text: Wu Haotong Editor: Duan Qionghui