Anxi: I’m on duty for Spring Festival! Warm Heart service “no closing time”

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There is a holiday, called “I am on duty” there is a responsibility, called “I am in”, only stick to the post is the same commitment to send cards to the door special “gift” warm the hearts of the people during the Spring Festival weather continued low temperature, coupled with days of heavy rain weather, go out to do business has become difficult for the elderly people.Although it is raining outside, 79-year-old Grandma Hong, who lives in Ronnee village, shennei Town, feels warm in her heart.”Thank you so much for delivering your ID card to your door on such a cold day!”On the morning of February 5, Grandma Hong thanked the visiting police in the police station.In the original, and civilian police id found in a flood of grandma’s id card check in the future, considering the flood grandma old, only in the home grandma hung and his wife, between two old’s luo village police station far away, from and within the policemen immediately send id card to hong grandmother home, also told they have difficult though, police will try my best to help solve.The interests of the masses have no small matter, the police station in the area since the launch of the “card to the door” service, accumulated for the area of inconvenient action, the body sick and other people to provide a card to the door and other convenient services more than 50 times, has been the area of the masses praise.Id expired green channel to help “Thank you!I really don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for you…”Mr. Sun, who got a temporary ID card, was grateful.On February 3, Mr. Sun, who lives in Fengcheng town of Anxi, found that his ID card had expired when he wanted to buy air tickets to work in other places.After receiving help, the original is on leave FengCheng police station registration policeman yellow back immediately, after check in for Mr. Sun related situation, yellow for its open a green channel, 16 PM in the day just as well for Mr Sun to deal with temporary id card, to obtain a certificate of Mr. Sun smiled and thanked the policeman’s enthusiastic help!Dribs and drabs warm heart filaments continuously see true feelings they use practical action to let warm in the festival transfer let a person can not help feeling you, good!Let’s give them a thumb-up Editor: Hong Yingjie Review: Chen Weiming, Chen Jinmei Signed by: CAI Siyi Article source: Anxi Public Security Bureau