Professor Jiang Wenguo of Cardiff University: TCM has prominent value in inhibiting tumor metastasis

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On February 19, a popular science conference was held in Shijiazhuang, sponsored by the Rehabilitation Branch of the Chinese Anti-cancer Society and the Beijing Aipu Cancer Patient Care Foundation.At the meeting, Professor Jiang Wenguo from Cardiff University School of Medicine gave a detailed interpretation on the mechanism of tumor metastasis and the efficacy and advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in tumor prevention and treatment with the theme of “Mechanism and Treatment of tumor metastasis”.Angiogenesis is the key to tumor growth and metastasis. Professor Jiang pointed out that unlimited growth and metastasis are the two basic characteristics of malignant tumors.In the past, most studies have focused on why tumors can grow unrestricted, and less investment has been made in the study of tumor metastasis.”In recent years, the world has been tilting resources in the hope of increasing research into cancer metastasis.However, so far, it is not satisfactory.According to statistics, a considerable proportion of tumor patients have visible/detectable metastases when they see a doctor, so tumor metastasis is the biggest challenge for tumor treatment.Blood vessels are needed for tumor metastasis because tumor cells have a higher need for nutrients than normal cells.”If there are no new blood vessels growing in the tumor, it grows to about 30 millimeters in diameter and it almost doesn’t grow at all.”Therefore, angiogenesis plays a crucial role in the process of tumor occurrence, development and metastasis.In the past few decades, new approaches have been developed to fight metastasis.Jiang said the first anti-angiogenesis drug, or anti-tumor metastasis drug, was developed in 2004.Subsequently, more anti-metastasis drugs have been developed, such as antiproteases, drugs that block intracellular signaling, drugs that induce the expression of cancer-suppressing metastases, drugs that block organ-specific metastasis, and drugs that target metastase-related genes.”The field of oncology has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, and survival rates have changed significantly, but not nearly as much as patients and medical professionals expect.”Based on thousands of years of valuable experience, TCM has played an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer in China.”In 2012, I overheard yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule. At that time, it had already carried out some preliminary studies in liver cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer in China, and the results were very beneficial.So we started research on yangzheng Xiaoji capsules.”Professor Jiang wenguo said that his early basic research found that the extracted components of Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule could affect two important functions in the process of tumor cell metastasis, namely the connection between tumor cells and stroma and cell migration.”As the research progressed, we found that Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule inhibited angiogenesis and endothelial function in mature cell models.””The biggest challenge with new, specific antiangiogenic drugs is that they can easily become resistant.Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule as a broad-spectrum anti-tumor traditional Chinese medicine, it and the current clinical anti-angiogenesis drugs combined effect?”Combining the yangzhengxiaoji capsule with targeted anti-angiogenesis drugs, the yangzhengxiaoji capsule can reduce or delay the occurrence of drug resistance to these targeted drugs, Jiang said.Professor Jiang wenguo stressed that early series of clinical studies found that cancer patients before chemotherapy began to take Yangzheng Xiaoji capsules, can increase the sensitivity of patients to chemotherapy drugs, improve the efficacy.”These studies cover a wide range of cancer types including stomach, pancreatic, lung and breast cancer.”Pancreatic, colorectal, gastric and ovarian cancers are susceptible to abdominal metastasis because of their anatomical location.Clinical studies have shown that peritoneal metastasis occurs in about half of gastric cancer with serous infiltration, and patients eventually die of metastasis.At present, the clinical treatment effect of abdominal metastasis tumor is not ideal.Professor Jiang wenguo introduced that the basic research found that Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule can significantly inhibit tumor cells in the peritoneal planting, inhibition of abdominal metastasis.However, this effect still needs to be confirmed in a large number of clinical studies.Professor wen-guo jiang in the report also introduces the ideas of member of shandong province tumor hospital jin-ming yu led product elimination capsules improve chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer clinical evidence-based medical research, the quality of life of preliminary results have shown that ideas are negative capsule can improve the symptoms of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, the quality of life, and to reduce fatigue and appetite to reduce side effects of chemotherapy.From theory to practice, from foundation to clinic, Professor Jiang Wenguo also shared two clinical diagnosis and treatment cases of malignant tumor patients. The synergistic and toxic effect of Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule has significantly improved the quality of life of patients.Case 1: A 63-year-old patient with inflammatory breast cancer.”Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive tumor.At the time of diagnosis, the lump in her breast was more than 10 cm, and the patient’s maximum survival was estimated at 4 to 6 months.The patient underwent preoperative chemotherapy, surgical treatment and radiation therapy.Before chemotherapy, she began to take yangzheng Xiaoji capsules in large doses, and she also took Yangzheng Xiaoji capsules during chemotherapy and radiotherapy and after surgery.A year later, bone and liver metastases developed, and the patient died 19 months after diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer.According to our analysis, Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule played a great role in her treatment. In addition, the patient described that there were 23 patients with similar conditions to her in the ward at that time. At that time, everyone thought she was magical, because she was the only one who had almost no side effects except slight hair loss after chemotherapy.Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule was not available in Europe at the time, and many people asked her what mysterious method she used. She said she took yangzheng Xiaoji capsule.So many patients in the hospital and in the city asked her where they could buy it.”Case 2: a patient with advanced endometrial cancer. She is a retired head nurse from the hospital where Professor Jiang works.”When she heard about our study, she came to me with stage 4 endometrial cancer that had peritoneal metastasis and had been undergoing chemotherapy.She was in the last of six chemotherapy courses and began taking yangzheng Xiaoji capsules before her sixth.Later, she sent me an email saying that after taking Yangzheng Xiaoji capsule, her health condition after the last chemotherapy was much better than the previous five chemotherapy treatments. She felt a world of difference.”