Qing Ge ge was trained by the Japanese traitors, known as “can arrive at an elite armored division group”

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In war, there are front battlefields and hidden battlefields.Concealed battlefield, is engaged in probing secret, intelligence or undertake the task such as secret destruction activity battlefield, namely we usually say spy action.There is such a strange woman, born in the Qing Dynasty royal family, your for the princess, but later willing to be a traitor, was arranged by the Japanese to engage in secret military action, participated in a series of shocked the disaster of the country events, famous at that time.She is Yoshiko Kawashima.In May 1906, the 14th daughter of Prince Su of the Qing Dynasty, Aisin Gioro Xianyu, was born. She was named Aisin Gioro Xianyu, which means a beautiful jade stone.Shan Qi also took the character “Dongzhen” for this daughter, which means the treasure of the East.This shows good old to this newborn daughter’s love and expectation.Sungei was the tenth descendant of Prince Suge, the eldest son of Emperor Taizong of the Qing Dynasty.According to the royal tradition of the Qing Dynasty, Aisin Gioro Xianyu yuyi was born in the highest rank of gege, Heshuo Gege.In the third year of Xuantong (1911), the Wuchang Uprising broke out, and the rule of the Qing dynasty collapsed.Good old age and other qing dynasty royal nobles, unwilling to interrupt the rule, secret planning restoration.At that time, good old age and “China” Japanese kawashima wave speed friendship.Kawashima was fluent in Chinese and worked as a translator for The Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War. After that, he was gradually promoted by the Japanese army and made friends with the nobles of the Qing Court.Kawashima naniwa supported the restoration of the Qing imperial family in an attempt to establish a “Manchu and Mongolian kingdom” under Japanese control.From this and good old smell congenial, sworn brothers.In an attempt to build a good relationship with Naniwa and the Japanese government and to enlist support for the restoration, Sankei also gave Naniwa a baby girl, Aixingioro Xianyu, who was only six years old when she was renamed Yoshiko Kawashima.Thus, the innocent little princess, as his father’s political interests traded goods.Eventually, he became a poor victim.Shan Qi participated in the restoration action repeatedly failed, in the eleventh year of the Republic of China (1922) sadly died.Since then, the household duties have been taken over by Naniwa Kawashima.At this time is already slim and graceful Kawashima Yoshiko, has been living in Japan for a long time, and received militarism education, as well as related spy training.At the age of 17, she was raped by her nearly 60-year-old, animal-faced foster father Kawashima.This left kawashima yoshiko a huge psychological shadow.Under all kinds of grief and anger, she is determined to completely with the female identity “farewell”, from now on like female dress as a man, and all kinds of men’s sports such as riding, fencing, shooting.And temperament changes, gradually become Bohemian, indifferent, in the rebellious life of the road more and more slippery.Remembering the restoration instructions of her father, Yoshiko Kawashima, she soon left her adoptive father and returned to China in 1927, changing her Han name to Jin Bihui, to join the Japanese Kwantung Army, which invaded northeast China.Qing dynasty royal lineage, fluent in Chinese and Japanese, and special training in Japan, Kawashima was especially favored by the Japanese Kwantung Army.Soon, she was trained to become a key member of the secret service for Japan to launch the war of aggression against China.Before the Japanese army launched the “September 18 Incident” in 1931 and occupied northeast China, Yoshiko Kawashima was appointed by the Japanese army to collect traitors in northeast China, set up an espionage society, spy and master a lot of information about the military situation of Zhang Xueliang’s army.Japan plotted to install aixingioro Puyi, the deposed emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and set up a puppet regime called “Manchukuo”, so puyi was secretly sent from Tianjin to the northeast.Due to the rush to flee, reduce the target, Puyi’s queen Wanrong remained in Tianjin.So, the Qing dynasty royal Kawashima Fangzi was the Japanese phase, responsible for wanrong secretly escorted to the northeast.In November 1931, Kawashima Fangzi in the name of relatives, majestically live in wanrong residence.Then, she display “graft” tactics, wanrong installed in the coffin to hide, leave Tianjin, arrived in the northeast.Thus, the reunion of the empress promoted the successful establishment of the puppet “Manchukuo”.Japan’s acts of aggression in northeast China have triggered strong opposition from China and the international community.Therefore, Japan decided to create an incident in Shanghai, an international metropolis, to launch a “fake war”, in order to divert public opinion, so that Japan’s invasion and control of northeast China can proceed smoothly.Kawashima Yoshiko was appointed by the Japanese side, to participate in specific planning and implementation of the action.On January 18, 1932, Yoshiko Kawashima planned the “Japanese Monk Incident” in Shanghai, deliberately stirring up trouble and triggering conflicts.On July 20, Japanese residents who were incited by the riots staged rallies and demonstrations.Japanese secret agents set fire to the residence of Japanese Minister to China Shigemitsu Kui in Shanghai on July 24, claiming that it was done by The Chinese.Immediately, Japan, under the pretext of protecting overseas Chinese, sent military forces to Shanghai.On the day and night of the 28th, the Japanese army attacked the Chinese garrison in Zhabei, and the 19th Route Army of China vigorously resisted, and the Shanghai War broke out.This was the January 28th Incident.For Japan, repeatedly standing credit kawashima Yoshiko, was particularly rewarded by The Japanese side, was praised by the Japanese military as “can arrive at an elite armored division group”.She was awarded the special rank of army sergeant and appointed as the female officer of the puppet “Manchukuo” and commander-in-chief of the Army of an.After Hideki Tojo became Prime minister of Japan, war with China broke out in full swing.But at the same time, the Pacific War made Japan in the source of soldiers, materials into an embarrassing situation.Therefore, the Japanese government plans to hold temporary peace talks with the Nationalist government to ease the crisis.Kawashima Yoshiko learned this information, bold action, through Tojo hideki’s wife, was granted the task of spying on the national government intelligence.Later, Kawashima Yoshiko went to Peiping, with the open identity of the boss of dongxing floor restaurant, and the Kuomintang in Beijing officials, celebrities extensive contact, secretly collect information about the Peace talks between China and Japan.She also through traitors Zhou Fohai, Chen Gongbo and other people, and Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite – juntong spy chief Dai Li build a line.Kawashima, in various public and hidden identities, constantly changing roles.Moreover, she used both beauty and various skills, both ways, long sleeve good dance, soon became a celebrity between the Japanese government and the National government, a moment of fame.During this, Kawashima Fangzi and Japanese senior officials and traitors frequent contacts, continue to spy in the dark.Thus she was also praised by the Japanese side as “military coquettish flower”, “Oriental witch”.In August 1945, Japanese militarism surrendered in defeat.The puppet “Manchukuo” was then destroyed, and the dream of restoring the Imperial family of the Qing Dynasty was completely shattered.In October, kawashima, still in shock, was arrested by juntong agents in Peiping and subsequently prosecuted.Kawashima thinks she can get immunity because of her ties to Japan, just like the singer and traitor Lee Hyang-lan.However, at this time kawashima Yoshiko has no use for the Japanese.As a result, not only to no avail, she was included in the List of “Important Japanese war criminals” by China.On October 22, 1947, the High Court of Hebei Province announced that Jin Bihui (Kawashima Yoshiko) was sentenced to death.The main grounds for the death penalty are: 1. The accused claimed to be of Chinese descent and Japanese nationality.His father Is a Chinese citizen, and Kim bihui is of course a Chinese.Second, it is the main planner of “1 · 28”.Three, “918” incident, to participate in the Kwantung Army, to help the Japanese smuggle puppet Manchukuo queen Wanrong, as an Army commander, killing the people……In March 1948, Yoshiko Kawashima was executed for being a traitor and a spy.