These small details on the window glass must not be overlooked!

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Window is an important factor in driving safety, we must check carefully before driving, these small details of glass can not be ignored!Generally speaking, the front and rear windshield and window glass of the car are the most easily ignored. In the photos of some traffic accidents, most of the Windows are intact when some vehicles are hit seriously, and the hardness is reassuring.But sometimes some negligence in the car life, but it is easy to cause the damage of the window, why is it so?Because generally speaking, the glass of the car does not receive the impact of the object on the front, it is not easy to be damaged.But when hit by an object, it is very easy to damage.Relatively speaking, the front windshield is a little more reliable than the glass on both sides of the car, so at present in the sale of cars, the front windshield is used for safety glass, the advantage of this material is that even if broken or even shattered, the glass can still remain as a whole, will not be scattered and hurt the situation.If the glass on both sides of the paste qualified explosion-proof film, then it is also effective.What if the window glass is damaged?Window glass damage of rock crack hard objects such as the impact caused by the window and in the presence of the crack point early, can in some professional glass joint repair, but high demand for this type of repair technology to crack area, about one or two centimeters of above will not be able to repair the broken area, can only choose to replace the glass.How to avoid window glass damage as far as possible?When driving, whether the front and rear windshield or the window glass on both sides, there is a chance to be damaged by some casual objects, so we should be more careful in the process of using the car.When driving on the gravel road, the speed should be reduced, and the car in front of the car to keep a certain safe distance, to prevent the car rolled up sand foreign bodies hit the car.At the same time, to avoid driving in the big truck or easy to scatter objects next to the vehicle, the tires of the big truck, rolled up objects hit the car glass is common, scattered objects hit the car glass is easy to do, should try to avoid, in the case of safety in time overtaking.In the car, in addition to the necessary objects, entrenching keep no items, small place adorn puts on the instrument panel and the car rearview mirror hanging ornaments, not only affect the driving vision, at the same time it is also possible emergency brake when the inertia, cause the center console object towards was turned away, if heavy or sharp objects, so the wind ahead of glass will be damaged.When parking, valuables must be taken away or put out of sight of the car, so that it will not attract the attention of lawbreakers, to avoid valuables stolen, and the loss of damaged Windows.At the same time, you should not park under trees, falling branches and random objects can also cause damage to the Windows.It is worth reminding that ants and other insects are indispensable around the tree. When the car is visited by insects, then there will be small insects everywhere in the car, which is more sad than the damaged window.So there is no use sticking film?Film role mainly block ultraviolet light, cut off part of the heat, of course, there are to prevent the glass caused by sudden burst hurt happens, so the paster can appear in the glass broken a certain degree of protection of the occupants safety, for there certain help for the glass, but it’s not the Windows security lock.Summary: In daily life, driving safety is important, but also do not forget some small details of the car, the window glass is also an important link, when the window glass cracks ignored, long time use will lead to cracks increase, extremely affect driving safety.Correct driving maintenance is very necessary, window glass can not be ignored.If your car is dongfeng Honda models, in the process of using the car or under bad weather, if there is any car maintenance problem, you can come to Harbin Dongfeng Honda Harbin Yuntong Junjie shop for maintenance, no. 125 Nanzhi Road, we receive you with professional skills and sincere service.Details determine success or failure, Junjie is trustworthy!