Total area 4875 square meters!Tonghua welcomes the Winter Olympics giant snow painting stunning appearance

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“My country and I cannot be separated for a moment…”On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, a giant snow painting with the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympics was unveiled in Tonghua city. Residents gathered around the painting to sing “Me and my Motherland” in unison.”The Beijing Winter Olympics will open soon. I can’t go to the capital, but I want to help the Olympics in this way,” cao Rui said.It is understood that the snow painting takes the Beijing Winter Olympics as the theme, and the content consists of the huge Beijing Winter Olympics emblem and the Olympic rings, printed with the words “Tonghua, the hometown of Skiing in China”.The snow painting is 75 meters long and 65 meters wide, with a total area of 4,875 square meters. Viewed from the air, the color is uniform and magnificent.The dyes used are food grade and will not pollute the environment.”This giant snow painting sets off the warm atmosphere to welcome the Winter Olympics and represents tonghua residents’ wishes to celebrate the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.At the same time, Tonghua, as the origin of new China’s skiing, has 4 athletes and 47 technical officials to participate in the Winter Olympics, winning glory for the country.”Tonghua text brigade bureau have fun doing it, told reporters that during the Olympics, tonghua also held the games at the same time step ice series of activities, which is based on ice and snow sports culture festival, held “the winter holidays to tonghua trail running and mountain ice, snow, ice and snow hike” five into “activities, such as further ignite the masses to participate in the enthusiasm of the snow and ice, power of snow and ice tour industry development.Source: Cailian News