Tradition and modernity coexist

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Liao Huiwen Longwenyang, hunan Daily’s media reporter, the lunar New Year has been completed only after the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival, the year of the Tiger, three Xiang four water lanterns have been lit.Unlike New Year’s Eve, when families gather around the stove to celebrate the New Year, the Lantern Festival is an annual carnival for people to step out of their homes and enjoy.On February 15, many cultural tourism venues in the province held a Lantern Festival themed activities featuring both traditional and new styles.Enjoy lanterns, play “through”, lovers will “spring to the human like jade, lamp burning month such as silver next month.”Appreciating lanterns is one of the most important customs of Yuanxiao, which is also known as the Lantern Festival.Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, gorgeous festival, embodies thousands of years of people’s good wishes and strong emotions, forming a thick cultural accumulation.Changsha Shiyan Lake scenic spot, Tongguan Kiln ancient town scenic spot, Changsha Juzi Zhou Scenic area dinosaur Park, Xiangtan Yaowan scenic spot, Xiangyin Yang Sand Lake scenic spot, Changde Kale Planet will hold blessing Lantern Festival.Huayi Brothers (Changsha) Film Town held the Lantern Festival and invited visitors to set blessing lanterns together.Zhuzhou Fangte Tourist Area launched a latiao challenge with famous brand Spicy Prince, inviting tourists to taste the 100-meter long latiao.Nanyue Hengshan in “Xianshan Yao” country tide wine shop held “millennium Nanyue youth” Lantern Festival country tide music festival.Miluo Changle town sacrifice activities and lanterns combined with the introduction of modern science and technology, so that the performance of the story is more novel.If you miss the old days, there are places to go.The “Datang Night market” of The Window of the World in Changsha includes tang style Lantern Festival and Hanfu parade.With the theme of “Welcome to the 1980s”, The Fonte Fantasy Kingdom will create an exhibition area with the nostalgic theme of “1980s Market”, which will bring visitors back to the 1980s with interactive content such as ciba, cardboard and disco parties.”On the willow tip head, people about dusk.”In ancient times, the Lantern Festival was also called Shangyuan Festival. On this day, young men and women would walk in the streets and not be restricted by the usual etiquette. Therefore, the Lantern Festival also has the name of “Oriental Valentine’s Day”.Xiangxi furong town double world resort held the “Lantern Festival lovers”, lovers see the ancient town lights like a dream, enjoy hunan intangible cultural heritage tide of another charm.Aizhai Wonders tourism area specially launched the festival theme activities, tourists buy high bridge matrix and scenic area set tickets, couples enjoy a free ticket.Guess lantern riddles, see exhibitions, buy “hand made” in libraries, cultural centers and other cultural venues, guessing lantern riddles is the theme of the activity, but also accompanied by a variety of traditions and new ways of playing.Hunan Library, Changsha Library, Hecheng District Library in Huaihua city and Chenxi County library will all hold lantern riddles guessing activities with prizes.Zhuzhou city library’s “Auspicious Tiger Yuanxiao bookish” special activities have poetry, “little Dragon” public welfare class, the latter can teach children to learn media art design painting, derivatives paper painting handmade, rubik’s cube and so on.In zhuzhou City cultural Center, there are not only traditional activities such as eating yuanxiao, sugar painting, shaving cold powder and paper cutting, watching movies, but also contemporary popular activities such as interaction of Hanfu, manicure, more convenient activities such as hairdressing and small household appliances maintenance.There are also many exhibitions on the Lantern Festival.Changsha People’s Art Museum “Art Spring Festival in Changsha · Calligraphy and Ink to Celebrate the Spring Festival” Changsha people’s Painting and calligraphy exhibition, online and offline simultaneously;Hengyang City library “12 zodiac make Lantern Festival” calligraphy exhibition exhibited more than 200 works created by local calligrapher Xu Xucheng, the content of poems and epigrams related to the 12 zodiac, including oracle, seal script, official script, cursive script, regular script, running script and other types of calligraphy;Huaihua Library has a photo exhibition of “Chinese New Year in Classic Books”.”Changzhutan Intangible Heritage Market” opened in Hunan Yuhua Intangible Heritage Museum. You can enjoy the characteristic intangible cultural heritage performances of the three places, and also buy intangible cultural heritage “hand-made”.Yueyang City Museum has the 12th Spring Festival Lantern Festival, you can also experience woodcut making, throwing POTS and other traditional cultural projects.If you want to relax completely, go to Hunan Concert Hall, where the “Today is The Lantern Festival” folk concert will be held.National level composer Liu Jun as conductor, Hunan Hunan Opera Huxiang Folk Orchestra performance, in the wonderful music, feel the joy of yuanxiao bar.