Wuhu Xingrui limited time special 4.4%, welcome to visit

2022-06-21 0 By

Xingrui, who has been watching for a long time, finally reduced the price. Wuhu Sizhao Geely 4S shop from now to April 5, the shop activity car purchase discount 4.4%,I really can’t wait to go to the store to see the elegant style of Star Rui ah promotion time from April 04, 2022 to April 05, 2022 preferential conditionsKey customer subsidy, local license, in-store insurance, in-store licensing, need to buy boutique, in-store loan, in-store replacement, scrap replacement Star Rui latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price margin Wuhu quotation 2.0T flagship 149,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 144,700 yuan 2.0tLuxury model 123,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 118,700 yuan 2.0T Elite model 113,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 108,700 yuan 2.0T Luxury + 132,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 127,700 yuan 2.0T Distinguished model 138,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 133,700 yuan 2.0T2.0T spacetime version of bright Moon 132,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 127,700 yuan Stars 152,700 yuan 0.500 yuan 147,700 yuan