Did you work overtime last night?

2022-06-22 0 By

It is said that after the third day of the lunar New Year, the year is over.Some people say that the fourth day of the year is the most depressed appearance, holiday and put out of money also spent;I have to go to work.This year’s New Year is also very good, the first day to the third day are rainy.The roads are quieter, with less traffic and noise.This is also very helpful for the control of the epidemic.Isn’t it?Dry winter wet years, rice full field.New Year rain a few good ah, New Year rain can not only moisten the soil is conducive to crop growth;More can give yourself an excuse not to go around, but also can wash their mind, not so impetuous.I am very fierce very fierce ah cousin must show his hand to cross the river never walk on the abutment for a minute, under the stage ten years work just right to cure the DYNAMIC picture so this in the end is ma Jingtao overtime last night?When you’re the only unmarried one in the family!Did you work overtime last night?If you dare to defy me in front of my goat Lord, you will forgive me.Little Red Riding Hood who wants to play with his shoes