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In the rural areas of southern Fujian, there is a custom that the married daughter cannot celebrate the Spring Festival at her parents’ home.I have been married in Xiamen for more than 20 years. Every year, I go back to my parents’ home to reunite with them on the second day of the New Year.Although the New Year in the city quiet and peaceful, but for me born in the countryside, or can’t forget the hometown when the festive atmosphere of the New Year, but will not forget those interesting customs.My hometown in Longhai Nanxi bridge sluice downstream.When I was a child, life was difficult. Chinese New Year was the only good day of the year to improve my life. I always looked forward to it in my heart.After “tail tooth”, my mother began to arrange dust removal and hygiene in the house.The broom for dust removal was specially made by my mother to cut a bunch of long thatch on the mountain.After cleaning, don’t throw away the broom.Mother said the broom would not be used until New Year’s Eve.Photography Chen Han We have a large family, usually frugal, to the Chinese New Year, the family will prepare a lot of cakes.A few days ago, I began to help my mother, do fried jujube, fried rice incense, rub turtle next, evaporated cake, a plate of crispy and tender fried food and steaming rice next, rice cake, filled with a big table, the room filled with mousewatering fragrance;In addition to making cakes, it is inevitable to buy meat and fish and kill chickens and ducks, but according to local customs, killing animals is forbidden on New Year’s Eve.So early in the morning on the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, the small pond in front of my house was crowded with villagers who were killing chickens and ducks. We were talking and laughing and chatting while doing things.On New Year’s Eve, mother called us to get up early, after finishing the health, began to paste Spring Festival couplets.Old house of new house, greatly small door window, some stick 5 words couplet to match 2 words horizontal batch, some stick 7 words couplet to match 4 words horizontal batch, include chest, rice bowl, dish cabinet to wait to affix “spring” or “blessing” word, connect pigsty door also to affix to write “six livestock flourishing” red paper.Post Spring Festival couplets, home is booming, beaming New Year scene.Night falls, the sound of firecrackers, round the stove dinner is about to be on the table, we these children’s happy mood filled with face.Round furnace table is placed commonly in hall hall, elder sits big.If the room is small, you can also surround the stove on the bed.Busy for a long time of mother, such as we are sitting well, closed the door, the family began to surround the furnace.The dishes on the stove table must be an even number, usually eight to twelve.In addition to the various delicacies, there were two dishes that must be eaten — twelve cooked leeks and twelve cooked pork tied up on red paper. Mother said that the two bowls placed in the middle of the table were mandatory. Each person was to eat one leek and one piece of meat, symbolizing a long and happy day.Round the end of the furnace, the mother opened the door, in the doorway to point a string of firecrackers, “crackling” firecrackers resounding the night sky.When we have twenty cents of New Year’s money and excited, mother while cleaning up the chopsticks, while the finished blood clams scattered on the door and under the bed, while the side of the scatter read: “spread clams shell, money rolling.”My family also has the habit of cooking “perennial vegetables” on New Year’s Eve.The so-called “perennial vegetables” is to put the small mustard greens into the pot, which has been washed in advance, and then boil the water with the broom, which has been dedusted before the year. After blanching the small mustard greens, they are tied up with red paper separately, put in a bowl and placed on the table.Mother said, “perennial vegetables” symbolized a New Year with good luck.Nowadays, people live a happy life, good days every day like the Spring Festival.Aftertaste Chinese New Year at home, is full of warmth.The author is Su Yushan, a lover of literature.He likes to record his life and express his feelings with words. 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