Natural aspirin for the table!Boil a bowl before going to bed, reduce fat and anti-aging, Chinese medicine experts drink every day

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“Eat beans three money a day, why take medicine for years”, beans are rich in nutrition, regular consumption has a good health effect.The bean I want to introduce to you today is known as “nutritive bean” in the world. It is also known as tempeh, which is made from soya or black beans soaked thoroughly, steamed, cooled and fermented.Tempeh is not only a common condiment on the dinner table, but also a medicine. It is reputed as “no. 1 bean for shushuan” and a well-known food for longevity.A small grain, much effect after fermentation, beans in lecithin, soy isoflavones and other nutrients are fully retained.After fermentation, vitamin B12 and other nutrients are more than before fermentation.Tempeh is rich in thrombolytic enzyme, which helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and control blood pressure.Tempeh is divided into two types, the light tempeh is used in medicine and the salty tempeh is mainly used for seasoning.Wang Yuying, a professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, recommended her own regimen of drinking a bowl of anti-aging and lipid-lowering drink every night, which is good for lowering blood lipids and fighting aging.How to do it: Take 10 grams of tempeh, 5 grams of ginger and 3 grams of tangerine peel, wash them and put them into a pot. Add 300 ml of water and soak for half an hour. Then bring to a boil with high fire, turn to low heat and simmer for 10 minutes.This formula is especially suitable for arteriosclerosis, three high, menopause syndrome and other people to use.In everyday dishes, salted tempeh is also a good choice for seasoning instead of some salt.Zhaoping County in Hezhou, Guangxi is famous for its longevity. The local elderly people like to eat black tempeh very much. It is made of black beans, so black beans also have the functions of tonifying kidney, nourishing Yin and nourishing blood.In addition to stir-frying, it can also be used for stews.Fermented black bean spareribs soup: 1. Wash spareribs and blanch to remove blood foam.Chop fresh bamboo shoots and blanch for 2 minutes to remove astringency.2. Put ribs and bamboo shoots in a stew pot or electric pressure cooker, add proper amount of water, add fermented black beans, star anise, light soy sauce and cooking wine to taste.Simmer for 2 hours to absorb flavor.Two points should be paid attention to when cooking with black beans: 1. It is advisable to use 50 grams per day.2. A lot of salt will be added in the processing of black beans, so the amount of salt should be reduced when using black beans.1. Soak soybeans or black beans in water overnight, then steam them in a pot for 2 hours.2, out of the drain water, into the container, sealed, placed in a warm place for a day, summer at room temperature, winter can be placed on the radiator, when the soybean hair sticky in the shade to dry.3, dried beans with a little salt, pepper powder, chili powder, a thin layer of flour, pour into the dark soy sauce, pickled for three days can be eaten.